Tuesday 7 November 2006

Steam Hairy Crabs

This is my 1st time seeing and eating a live Hairy Crab. These are specially air-flown from Hong Kong by one of my hubby colleague. The most simple and delicious method to eat these crabs are by the most origin way which is - STEAM.

You can get fresh and live hairy crab in Singapore during this season from most Cold Storage seafood department or by visiting the distribute in Singapore know as HIGH FRESH(they have different kinds of seafood available for public to purchase)

How to Select A Hairy Crab:
1. It must be alert and have a flat, pentagon-shaped, greenish shell.
2. It's underside should be white and there should be no unpleasant smell.
3. It's claws should be well developed with brownish hair.

Cooking Methods:
1. Wash the crabs thoroughly and place them in a steamer by putting the back facing upwards.
2. Place a slice of ginger on top of each crabs and steam on hot boiling water for 15 minutes then continue to simmer on low heat for another 10 minutes.
3. Remove the top shell of the crab and clear away the black coloured sacs and intestines.
4. Next pulled off the crab legs and take a chopstick and push the meat out.
5. You can either eat the aromatic flesh of the hairy crabs on its own or dip the meat in minced ginger with black vinegar sauce.
6. Ends the meal with ginger tea will make you rebalance the body's yin and yang.

Do not consume the hairy crabs together with Persimmon, Cold Beer or Cold Water.

Because Hairy Crabs are "Cooling" to the body, it is recommend best to consume one at each meal. Posted by Picasa

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