Friday 18 May 2007

Durian Cheesecake With Chocolate Fudge

My family had always being a Durian Lover. Especially my brother and my aunty's family. So I decided to come up with this special durian cheesecake using a basic non-bake cheesecake recipe.

Em... maybe you will ask me or wonder how does the taste like when you have a mixture of dark chocolate fudge with creamy durian cheese filling? I can tell you, it's a very special combination. As if you can have 3 different taste and texture within a cake itself. The crunch of the Oreo Biscuit, the smooth and creamy Durian Cheese Filling and lastly top with chewy Dark Chocolate Fudge. It's really heavenly match....

Although you need a few more ingredients and steps to make this Non-Bake cheesecake but it's really worth it and you can interchange the main ingredients with other fruits like: Mango, Strawberry, Blueberry or etc instead of Durian.Posted by Picasa

Ingredients For Crust:
225g - 250g Chocolate Oreo Biscuit, finely crushed
150g Unsalted Butter, melted and cooled

1. Use a large sheet of aluminum foil to wrap the base of a 7" x 7" square cake ring.
2. Slowly drizzle in the melted butter into the biscuit cumbs then stir till the mixture it's almost combined(you might not need to add in all the melted butter) and press into cake ring and chill in the fridge until firm. (about 20 mins - 30 mins).

Ingredients For Durian Fillings:
250g Cream Cheese
70g Caster Sugar
250g Durian Flesh
1 Tablespoon Gelatine Powder
50ml Warm Water
125g Plain Yogurt
200g Non-Dairy Whipping Cream

1. Double boil or microwave the gelatine powder with 50ml warm water until dissolved and set aside.
2. Beat the cream cheese and sugar until creamy and light, then add in the durian flesh and continue to beat until well combined.
3. Next pour in the melted gelatine mixture and yogurt then stir till combined.
4. Lastly pour in the whipping cream and slowly stir till the mixture is creamy and well mixed.
5. Pour the mixture into the prepared biscuit base tin and chill for at least 3 hours or overnight then proceed to the chocolate fudge.

Ingredients For Chocolate Fudge:
150g Semi Bitter Dark Chocolate
100ml Whipping Cream
30g Unsalted Butter

1. Put all the ingredients in a pan/glass bowl over boiling water(or use double boiler).
2. Whisk the ingredients for 5 minutes or so until the fudge is smooth and glossy.
3. Let the warm fudge cool down to room temperature before pouring into the firm cheesecake top and tap the cake a few times to release any air bubbles.
4. Put it back into the fridge and let the chocolate fudge set for about an hour or so before cutting into slices and served.

a) When making this cheesecake, try to make it in square tin so that the layer will not be too tall or else you will end up with a thick layer of durian cream cheese filling.
b) I suggest a 7" x 7" square tin or 8" round tin will do a great job.


  1. finally able to leave a comment! this cheesecake looks really creamy and i really like the texture. i find that normal no-baked cheesecakes dont look as creamy and yummilicious as yours.

  2. Hi Evan,

    Thanks for your comment..... Em....i also find this durian cheesecake abit difficult from other cheesecake that i made before. I guess the creamy texture is came from the durian puree itself. Mb the cream and yogurt also play a great part in it. Overall i can said it's a very rich cake. U cannot have big slice for it or else it's really veri veri.... sinful....lolz.... Just a small slice will do.... :)

  3. Durian, cheese, chocolates? Yum, 3 of my fave food. Must try... Btw, does the whipping cream needs to be whipped first? If yes, till what stage? TQ!

  4. Hi Vivi,

    I did not whipped the cream. I just add it into the durian cream cheese mixture itselt. But if u wish to whip, you can whip till soft peak form. HTH :)

  5. oh ya, can see its a really rich cake. i'd say the texture looks more like a baked cheesecake instead - rich, creamy, dense. thats the way i like my cheesecake actually - baked. i dont really like the normal no-bake ones which is more mousse like. definitely gonna give your recipe a try! already bookmarked :p

    so when are we meeting up again? soon i hope *winks* i miss little reyon darling, he's so cute!

  6. Oh Evan.. ya hor.. i will let u know the next meet up soon.. before i start my work next month... :)

  7. Hi there Ellena, I'm currently situated in Australia and I got myself some durian last night. I wanna bake this recipe of yours this weekend but I just wanna make sure it's really worth the time. How does it taste like? Everyone like it? Also, can I not use plain yogurt and just use fresh milk? Thanks and I love that baby boy of yours, very adorable!

  8. Hi Quinn,

    thanks for dropping by. I already wrote a long email to your gmail account, explaining the details of the ingredients to u leh.. if u didn't received it pls email me your email add again. k :)

  9. Thanks Ellena!
    Gotcha your email
    Blogged about it too, it was lovely!
    everybody love it
    Just in case you have not already check, I sent you an email already too
    Again, thank you so much for the lovely recipe
    Keep posting!

  10. hi, your cheesecake lokk very yammi, can we substitute durian flesh with another fruits, if it 's yes , what the best fruit can we use. thank you for response

  11. Hi... thanks for your comments of this durian cheesecake. Em... as from my view, i think either raspberries or strawberries puree will do a great job on this.... cos they goes well with chocolate too :p

  12. Hi Ellena. I'm very much eager to begin making the Durian Cheesecake w/ Chocolate Fudge. I came across your recipe a couple of days ago and I couldn't resist to begin making it. I made calls to stores immediately, asking if they had the ingredients. I have bought everything now and I am missing one item; the "non-dairy whipping cream." What exactly is it? Maybe if you showed me a link to the image or something that would be helpful. I asked around and no one seemed to know the item. I did find the regular whipping cream. Thank you very much Ellena!! Also, could I use a different type of sugar other than the caster sugar?

    I haven't baked too much and I am a somewhat still beginner at cooking... so I apologize if I'm asking the obvious questions here.

    I'll be making more of your recipes...


  13. Hi again Ellena. I just finished making the Durian Cheesecake and noticed two things:

    1)The filling came out a bit too loose. It needed to be a bit more sturdy. Perhaps add more gelatin powder and less non-dairy whipping cream? Maybe place in freezer instead of refrigerator?

    2) I had the opposite result for the chocolate fudge. It came out too hard. Maybe it was the type of chocolate I used? Wondering if your instructions on step II for the chocolate fudge, "Whisk the ingredients for 5 minutes or so until the fudge is smooth and glossy," means having a liquid like texture since in step III you mention the word "pouring." I did not pour, but rather I trasnferred the semi soft cream like product. I also went ahead and did the double boiling the same method as I did for the gelatin powder. Since I have enough ingredients for another attempt, I will try again. However, do you mind giving ideas for the filling being too loose and the chocolate too hard? and possible correcting methods? Just now, I have placed the cake in the freezer to add with sturdiness. Please help. Thank you!


  14. Hi, the Durian Cheesecake with Chocolate Fudge turned out to be delicious!! I have shared it with family and friends and they all agree its good. The freezing idea worked fabulous! However, I am not sure if this is how it is suppose to be made. I am under the impression that it does not need to be freezed. Hence, if you could help by answering my questions in the earlier posting I would be very appreciative! Next up is the Mango Cheesecake! Awesome...


  15. Thnks a lot.. I've been searching for the oreo durian cheesecake combination the whole day!!
    My hubby really loves durian..n oreo cheesecake is our favourite. Im going to try this out to surprise him. Thanks for sharing,i meant really.. *Hugs

  16. Hi,

    I was just wondering the "Non Dairy Whipping Cream" you mentioned in Durian Filling part, means that i have to WHIPPED the cream 1st then only add to the mixture or i just pour in the while whipping cream (liquid form)?

    Is the same goes for your recipe in making the Durian Tiramitsu? I gotto use "Whipped Cream / Whipping Cream (liquid)?



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