Wednesday 2 May 2007

Oreo Butter Cake

First saw this cake from My Kitchen:My Laboratory a few months back and I had KIV this recipe for further experiment. Until recently, when I saw a few blogger trying out this recipe. I also have the urge to do it. At first I wanted to try out like what MyCoffee had did, which is baked the cake in smaller size like muffins. But then I was too greedy on the portion and it ends up all the batter overflows from the muffins cup :(

But on the next day when I get hold of more ingredients, I decided to follow what Angie did to make a 7" cake and finally I managed to get everything right. This cake is moist and with good texture of the cookies. For my preference I add in 2 Teaspoons extra of the Coffee Liquor(Kahula) for that mocha fragrant. But in this cake, the butter content is less so it won't be having those strong buttery cake fragrant.Posted by Picasa

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  1. what a great idea to add in kahlua! I shall try baileys the next time i make it :p


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