Friday 12 October 2007

Oreo Cupcakes & Assorted Donuts

Oreo Cupcake With Dual Chocolate Chips and Top With Oreo Cheese Cream...... How does these sound to you? Sinful Right!!! I really loves these cupcakes as compare to the previous 2 flavours that I had made. Maybe because I am a Chocolate and Oreo lover.......

I had made these cuppies specially for my family, relatives and friend. Especially for my dear Reyon and my cousin who really loves anything that is made of Oreo. So I hope these might surprised them and be of their liking.

The texture of this cupcake is soft, light and fluffy. With the combination of the Ground Oreo & Dual Chocolate Chips it actually add some extra texture and flavour to it. And furthermore with the Oreo Cream Cheese topping, it really make it wonderful for Oreo products lovers......

Made these Assorted Baked Donuts as well..... and I had two new flavour added to my Donuts List which are the Mango and Strawberry Donuts.


  1. hi dear ellena. can u tell me how the mango and strawberry donut is, as in its components? i feel like buying from u soon, near new yr.

    also, did u add crush oreo into d cream? looks nice n evenly greyish...

  2. The oreo cupcakes look so great! :P

  3. Hi Lynette,

    Thanks for dropping by.... the mango and strawberry donuts are with added fruit puree and top with fruit flav chocolate glaze.

    Yup.. i add crush oreo into the cream :)

    Hi lousy_baker,
    Thanks for your kind comments :)

  4. Hi, lovely bakes. Can i ask what tip u use to pipe your cream. tks Lilo


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