Saturday 24 May 2008

Lotus Root, Pumpkin & Pearl Bean Soup

Look at these beans, they look beautiful right? I love to add some of these Pearl Beans while cooking soup for the family. It will add a nutty flavor and creamy texture to the soup but then since it will get cook and turn soft pretty fast, you can only add them into the soup 20 minutes before the soup is done. Do not add too early or else you won't be able to find the whole bean itself.

It had being a long time ever since I used this little jewels in my soup. So today, since I had found some fresh and lovely Pearl Bean Pods in the market, I decided to use it together with some Pumpkin and Lotus Roots to make this wonderful nutty and hearty soup. Posted by Picasa

300g Pork Ribs
1 Medium Section of Lotus Roots, about 200g
10 - 15 Pearl Bean Pods (珍珠豆)
1/4 (200g) Wedge of Australia Pumpkin, cut into thick chunk
1 Medium Carrot, peel and cut into thick slices
5 Red Dates(红枣 )
1/2 Tablespoon Wolfberries(枸杞子)
4 - 6 Cloves Of Garlic
2 Slices Of Ginger

1. Wash and trim the pork ribs then scald in boiling water and rinse again.
2. Wash, peel and cut the lotus roots into thin slices.
3. Remove the beans from the pods and rinse well.
4. Heat up the a soup pot with some oil, then saute the ginger and garlic till fragrant then add in the pork ribs, lotus roots and carrot, stir and saute for another 2 - 3 minutes on very low heat.
5. Add about 1.5 litres of water and bring it to boil.
6. Simmer the soup for about 30 minuter then add in the pumpkin and pearl beans and continue to simmer for another 20 - 30 minutes
7. Season it with salt or stock cubes according to your preference.

a) I use the Australia Pumpkin which is more Orange in colour and sweeter compare to the local pumpkin which is more towards the yellowish colour side.
b) You can replace pork ribs with lean meat or chicken according to your preference.


  1. I call this Cranberry Beans. ;) Me and the kids love this soup. My son always thought it's Lotus Roots Soup and my daughter thought they were chocolates. ^_^"

    Love yours with pumpkim. So colourful.

  2. Halo..Wokkingmum,

    Yup..... In English we called it Cranberry Beans but then in Asia country they known it as PEAL BEAN or(珍珠豆):) My son also love the colour of the uncooked bean he said it's so nice and pinky.... :p

  3. Oh, this bean is so new to me, I've never seen it or tasted it before. Must be yummy...

  4. Ya... stardust, these beans are very yummy and you can use it for either soup or salad bean....:) Mb one of these days u can even find it in Japan..... :)

  5. Hi Ellena,

    I really love all yr recipes esp yr soup recipes. They are really delicious. Thanks for sharing with us!



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