Sunday 29 June 2008

Danish Bread With Egg & Cheese

The texture of Danish Pastry is very similar to puff pastry's: flaky and buttery. Its main ingredients include yeast, flour, milk, and lots and lots of butter. To produce the trademark flaky texture, the dough is spread out thinly over a wide surface while generous amounts of butter is applied evenly on all areas, after which the dough is folded systematically and rolled. This tedious process is repeated several more times to achieve the flaky and buttery effect. Wow... these sounds tedious if making I am going to make this Bread at home but since I am not good at bread making, I decided to get a loaf of Danish Bread from the bakery instead :pPosted by Picasa

So for today's breakfast, we will have Danish Bread with Egg & Cheese. I just love the crispy and buttery fragrant of the bread when toasted..... it's so yummy no matter what you eat it with.... :)

Ingredients: (serves 2)
4 Slices of Danish Bread
2 Slices of Sandwich Cheese
2 Small/Medium Egg
2 Slices of Ham, optional

1. Use a medium size cookie cutter to cut out a shape on two slices of bread and set aside.
2. Place 1 piece of bread on a square piece of foil which is slightly bigger than the bread so that you can wrap the 4 corners up when toasting.
3. Place the cheese and ham(if using) on the bread and top with another bread that is with a cut-out.
4. Crack the egg in a small bowl then slowly spoon it into the bread opening.
5. Next wrapped up the 4 corners of the bread and toast it in the oven toaster for about 5 - 8 minutes depend on how well you want the egg to be done.
6. When done, remove the toasted bread onto a serving plate and sprinkler some dried parsley and pepper then serve it with extra fruits or tomato if desire.

a) You can use any kind of bread towards your liking or in your pantry.
b) Try to choose those thicker bread if not, you will need 3 slices so that the egg white will not overflow.


  1. can you tell me where to get danish bread... i remember i used to buy this orange packet of danish bread when Yaohan had a supermarket then it closed and the bread was gone forever....

    after reading this, i am suddenly craaving for danish bread...


  2. Hi Jo,

    I got the loaf of Danish Bread from's around $2.90 if i remember correctly....:) Hope you will be able to get hold of it.

  3. ok will go look for it straight away later! thanks!


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