Saturday, 23 August 2008

Quick & Easy Toddler Meal

It had being a long long time since I post something on Toddler food, actually there is nothing fancy on this dish. I use the same old mix vegetables stock to make either noodle, porridge or rice for Reyon whenever he requested for it. For this post i just want to share with you the cute fish cake that I spot in the wet market today. Although it look kind of out of shape for some of the design...i still cannot figure out is it a MOUSE? BEAR or ???? Can you figure out what animal is it? But then it's rather cheap compare to the Hello Kitty design fish cake that is sold in some of the supermarket..... The packet that I got is about $2 for 15 mini fishcake. Posted by Picasa


  1. Hi, the fish cakes are cute. Can you share where you bought it from?

  2. Halo Chris, I got the cute fisheckae from one of the yong dao fu stall in Chong Pang Market. Mb you can try looking around the wet market stall in your area. :)

  3. Can I check how do u make stock (ie vegetables, fish or meat) for babies?

  4. like the " This Baked Spare Ribs with Red Wine Lees (烤红糟排骨)" once i goy my home......


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