Tuesday 27 January 2009

Bento #8 - Bear & Sausage Grassland

This Bento preparation is getting more and more interesting. I can't believed that I am actually doing it at least more than thrice a week... Yeah!!! Keep the spirit going :) Today is the 2nd Day of Chinese Lunar New Year. After long hour of house visiting, I am too tired to cook so I decided to make something instant and simple.

Upon Reyon's request, I made this Bear & Sausage Bento. I use a bear shape pancake mould to shape the rice in order, then balanced some broccoli florets in a pot of lightly salty water and arrange them like grass at the base of the bento box. Next, I pan-fry some sausage slices and quail eggs and I used a small heart-shape cookie cutter to cut a heart-shape out of the quail egg. Lastly, I arrange some cheese stars on the broccoli and cherry tomato and grape as the crown for the bear.Posted by Picasa

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