Friday 23 July 2010

Cuisine Paradise - 美食天堂 @ OMY Blog

Together with another 11 invited Singapore Blog Awards Bloggers from OMY such as Silver Ang - Modeling , Zhou Yiwei - Food, Leonny Atmadja - photographing and etc. We are all so excited to start another new blogging journey with this big family. And all these 12 new blogs have being officially launched on last Friday, 16 July 2010 with some news of it published on local media such as MyPaper, Straits Times, and etc.

In my OMY blog, I will be sharing some of the “random” posts I published over here at my main blog and sometime I do look out for “Special” post that it only available at my OMY blog too. Here is the link @ do drop by and take a look.

"莲藕花生鸡脚汤 - Lotus, Peanut & Chicken Feet Soup" is my 1st Chinese written post ever since in my 5½ years of blogging journey which I would like to delicate to the Chinese Readers from my main blog or as well as the new OMY domain.

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