Tuesday 27 July 2010

EwF by Everything With Fries

EwF by Everything With Fries restaurant has a new fast food outlet located at Orchard Central, level 1. While shopping around that area last week, we decided to drop-by and tried out some of their items that I have read good reviews on.

The overall decoration of the outlet was bright and comfort with white furniture like school tables and chairs. They have giant chalkboard menu display at both inside and outside of the outlet whereby the customers can have a better view of their items. From the menu, you can either "make a meal" of your choice @ S$11.90 for a set of "burger/sandwich + soft drink + choice of fries" or you can just pick up any items from the menu itself.

While queuing up for the order, I have saw a few customers ordering Curry Fries @ S$2.90/pack but I did not get it because I was afraid that it might be spicy for Rey. So I decided to get an extra pack of Original Fries apart from my "make a meal" set. While looking at this "Original Fries" above, I was puzzle at first glance because of the "powders" on it which I thought it might be the curry fries they have took wrongly.

We will kind of disappointed with the “Original Fries” as it taste too soggy perhaps it had being left there for too long before our order. And it really taste “Original” even with those “powder” so almost ¾ pack of the fries are left there untouched. (note: All fries cost S$2.90/pack)

I have ordered a "make mine a meal" set that comes with a burger, drink and fries for S$11.90 which is quite a good deal for a meal. Since it is a rainy afternoon, I decided to go for a hot drink which I settle with "Hot Butterscotch Milk" which taste great like "popcorn" fragrant according to my boy.

My choice of fries is "Sour Cream and Onion" which taste much more better the "Original Fries" above. This pack has being freshly fried and it is still hot and crispy while served.

Now comes to the main course, I have being wonder on which items to choose since they have 6 different choices on the list from "4 burgers and 2 sandwiches". Instead of going for their EwF Super Burger which sounds and look great, I decided to try their low-key item which is this "Lamb Burger".

If you just order the Lamb Burger itself, it will cost you about S$6.90. Accordingly to the menu, this burger is marinated with middle eastern spices, cooked then topped with garlic cream cheese, tomato concasse and caramelised onions. So while looking at this, I expected the burger to be juicy and fragrant rather than dry and lack of sauce in it. So I guess this will be my last time trying their Lamb Burger.

While eating half way through our meal, we happened to notice that someone at our next table are having some delicious looking dessert which I curiously enquire with them about it. So after hearing food reviews from them, I also grab a box of this "Nutella Slice" which cost S$3.50. And I assured you that this is indeed a very rich and delicious dessert if you love chocolate. Rey finished almost 3/4 of the slice leaving only 1/4 for me. Posted by Picasa

Although the burger that I had did not turn out to be what I expected but I am still glad that they have some great dessert, drink and fries. Perhaps I shall drop by their main restaurant at 458 Joo Chiat Road to try out more of their other dishes.

EwF by Everything With Fries
181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
website: www.everythingwithfries.com

Opening Hours:
Sunday - Thursday: 11:00am - 10:00pm
Friday - Satursday: 11:00am - 11:00pm

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