Monday 12 July 2010

Flavour Fiesta @ AMK Hub

For those who stay around Ang Mo Kio area or frequent passes-by of AMK Hub via the Bus Interchange I am sure you will have notice this “Flavour Fiesta @ AMK Hub” which starts from 05 July – 18 July 2010 at the basement 1, Exhibition Hall.

This Flavour Fiesta Food Fair enables you to enjoy various dialect delights from the participating stalls and at the same time catch up with some experienced chefs from Society of Chinese Cuisine Chefs (Singapore) in action. These chefs will also demonstrate various dialect cuisine right in front of your sight and you are also given a chance to try the end products before trying them out at home with the recipes.

Yesterday, I was happened to be around that area to another Food Festival event and I am glad to be able to catch up some cooking tips with Chef James Aw Ah Lee (Executive Chef, National University of Singapore Society) who is whipping up these delicious Cantonese Cuisines. The two dishes that Chef James shared were "Tenderloin Beef Cubes with Black Pepper Sauce" and "Crispy Stuffed Chempulak with Scallop". I will be trying out the above dishes thought the given recipe soon and will share it on my recipe blog too. So stay till for it if you are interested to know more.... Posted by Picasa

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