Tuesday 27 July 2010

Sakae Power!!!

Remember this "Power Pro Bento” set which is launched during 22 June 2010, at the "Sakae Welcome The World 2010" event. This bento set is to tie in with the upcoming Youth Olympic Games whereby it consists of protein rich ingredients that help to increase strength, muscle development and improves athletic performance. This is what we have ordered at one of the Sakae outlet which look a bit rather different from what we saw during the event if you compare both the photos. (Click HERE).

The set comes with appetiser, main dish, rice/noodles, steam egg and cut fruits. For starter we tried the "Ebi Avocado Tofu" where you can only see a slice of avocado on it and the "white" tofu seems kind of messy with the pouring sauce all over the surface.

The broth of the "Seafood Kaminabe Hotpot" has being infuse with the sweetness of the seafood and vegetables which makes it great to go with rice. We love the broth which is just right for our taste buds.

The Fish Roe seems to be missing from our "Gindara Cod Fish" plate and the taste of the fillet seems rather odd with its sauce. If you have tried this "Power Bento Set" before, do share your experience with us on the items. Perhaps different outlets will have different end results.

"Sakae Chawanmushi" was still smooth and fragrant as usual and it is always one of our favourite items on the menu too. But sometime I do missed their "Pumpkin Chawanmushi" which has being removed from their menu.

We choose Udon over rice as we prefer something soupy to go with the sushi that we pick up from the convery belt. But you can always choose rice to go with the Seafood Kaminabe Hotpot.

After the meal, you can pamper yourself with some seasonal cut fruits to make this bento set a more complete meal. This “Power Pro Bento” set which cost S$22.90 will be available from now till 31st August 2010. And 15% of the proceeds from this “Sakae's Power Pro Bento” will go to the Singapore Sailing Federation. Posted by Picasa

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