Saturday 3 July 2010

No Signboard @ Vivo City

No Signboard! Finally we have scheduled our visit to “No Signboard Restaurant” at Vivo City after some brainstorming ideas on where to go for our usually weekend gathering. Since most of the members in our family group loves to eat “Chilli Crab” we decided to choose this restaurant due to their good feedback on their White Pepper Crab and Chilli Crab dish.

According to those who frequent this restaurant, reservation booking is always recommended to avoid the crowds or waiting time. As we are pretty late for lunch after church service around 2pm, they are barely any large crowds in it. Upon stepping into the Vivo City branch, we are captured by it beautiful interior design with crystals lighting, full-length windows, paintings, dragon statues coiling the pillars and etc. And you can also notice from the photo, even their restaurant name “无招牌” is uniquely engraved on the chopstick as well.

In total we ordered about 6 dishes, the first to be served is this "Steamed Japanese Beancurd with Diced Seafood". Each beancurd is stuffed with fresh seafood like prawn, squid, fish and some mushroom. It is served together on top of the steam egg custard with some green vegetables. The texture of the egg is so smooth and silky that makes it goes very well with the seafood beancurd.

Garlic Steam Bamboo Clam served shortly after the above seafood beancurd. Personally I don't really like this dish as I find that the amount of garlic used is too much and it actually mask the taste of the Bamboo Clam itself.

Other than the usual “Oatmeal Prawns” we decided to try out their “Deep-fried Butter Prawns” instead of “Deep-fried Butter Crayfish”. The prawns served are relatively big and most important they are fresh to taste. Each bite of it is so firm and crunchy…… and the butter crumps make it so fragrant and tasty to go with the prawns.

Yes! This is "Yee Fu Noodles" which is one of our favourite noodle dish that we usually order during any eat out. The Yee Fu Noodles here are fried with chives and buttom straw mushroom.

These are the two crab dishes that we have which is the "White Pepper Crab", the flesh of the white pepper crab was succulent, firm and well-infused with their special concocted white pepper powder seasoning and spring onion which makes it finger licking good. This dish will taste rather a bit spicy for those who can't take spicy food.

The Chilli Crab was fantastic at least it didn’t have the distinct tomato ketchup taste and it is served with the fried mantou. The fresh Sri Lanka crab is cooked in their signature robust chilli sauce flavour with prawn paste, garlic and other ingredients. Everyone loves to dip the deep-fried mantou with the egg sauce which make the taste even better. Since I am not really a crab love and it find it too time consuming eating each parts of it, I rather go for a few deep-fried mantou in the egg gravy. Posted by Picasa

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant
#03-02, 1 HarbourFront Centre Walk
Vivo City
Singapore 098585
Tel: 6376 9959

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