Monday 5 July 2010

Big Red Strawbery Farm @ Cameron Highlands

There are many strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands as the favourable climate environment definitely is appropriate for growing of strawberries. However we find that the strawberries are rather sour even thought they might look dark red and delicious.

There are roughly more than 8 strawberry farms in Cameron Highlands and the one that we are going to is known as “Big Red Strawberry Farm” which is just 10 minutes walking distance away from Binchang town. It is an ideal place to stop by no matter rain or shine. Big Red Strawberry Farm is more than just a farm but it is rather an attraction on its own with hydroponically grown strawberries, lettuces and etc.

Since we have only around 45 minutes to an hour in this strawberry farm, we have to act fast and plan wisely on our timing. With hesitation our first activities will be “Strawberry” picking which Rey has being waited for so long. Before entering the nursery, that counter staff roughly briefs through with us on the two prices such RM$20.00/500g or RM $40.00/kg for the strawberries plucks before hand over a basket and two pair of small scissor to us.

When picking strawberries, the nursery may dispatch a worker to keep an eye on you and at the same time advise you on which area to start your harvesting....

After some fun and laughter at the nursery picking up half basket of strawberries, we decided to take a rest at the “Big Red Café” where they serve a lot of strawberry based food & drinks.

Strawberry Waffle with Ice-Cream @ RM$5.90 look great but on a sad side, the waffle is kind of too soft and taste like cake texture instead of the crispy outer layer.

Strawberry Sande @ RM$6.90 which is full of fresh strawberries at the base of the cup, vanilla ice cream and drizzle of strawberries jam sauce. This dessert definitely refresh our soul after running here and there for the whole afternoon.

After finishing our dessert, Rey was eager to pick some tomato after his venture in the strawberry nursery. The price for the tomato was much cheaper than strawberry which cost around RM$5.00/kg. But from the photo you can see that there isn't many ripe one which we guess most of it has being pluck by the daily visitors.

During our way back before leaving the Strawberry Farm, we were surprised to spot Vineyard above our head. And on it are these gorgeous green grapes which look relatively small bunch compare to what we have seen in the supermarket and other vineyards that I have saw in Australia before. Posted by Picasa

Big Red Strawberry Farm
Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.
Tel: 6 05-4913327
Location Map

Opening Hours:
Open daily 8.30am - 5.30pm - Free Entrance

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