Tuesday 9 July 2013

[Day 2] Exploring Chatuchak Weekend Market

One will never miss the wholesales weekend market at Chatuchak whenever they visit Bangkok. This weekend market has became a landmark as well as a "must-visit" place for tourists. With more than 8,000 market stalls that occupied the 35-acre area, Chatuchak attracts more than 200,000 visitors on just a typical weekend to sift through the goods that their offer.

For your information, the weekend market is open on both Saturdays and Sundays from 09:00 - 18:00, and Fridays 18:00 - 24:00.

On the Saturday morning, after our breakfast at Cuisine Unplugged, we took the skytrain (BTS) from Victory Monument to Mo Chit station which is about 15 minutes away. Upon arrived, take exit no. 1 and follow the crowd until you see rows of canvas stalls selling clothes. From there turn right and continue to follow the crowd till you see a small entrance that leads into the market (clothing section).

Alternatively, you can take the subway (MRT) to Chatuchak Park station (exit no.1) and follow the crowd till you see the small entrance that leads into the market (clothing section).

For first-timers who visit Chatuchak it might seems a bit difficult to locate the stalls that you desire or move around the alleyways and stalks. But no worries as eventually there is a main walkway which encircles the entire market where it branches off into a series of numbered alleyways called Soi 1, Soi 2, Soi 3, and so on.

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Clothing and Accessories (sections 2-6, 10-26)
[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Art and Gallery (section 7)

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Plants and Gardening tools (sections 3, 4)
[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Plants and Gardening tools (sections 3, 4)

If you are feeling hot and weary along your way at the weekend market, do stop by the food and beverages stalls and grab some refreshing drinks or light snacks to re-charge your before conquering another round of shopping spree.

As you can see from the photos before, Chatuchak Market has and endless selection of food and drinks on almost every soi or corner. Items like fresh cut fruits, iced refreshments, noodles, rice with roast pork, chicken rice and Thai-style fast foods and etc.

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Mango Sticky Rice
[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Fresh Cut Fruits
[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Spicy Noodle Dish (with different types of soup broth)
[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Grilled Thai-style Drumsticks
[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Noodles with over dose of fried quail eggs
[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Omelette Rice Ball with Assorted Fillings
[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Frozen Banana and Ice Cream
One of the stall there known as Choconana sells frozen bananas that are coated in chocolate, dipped in your choice of desire coating like almond, cashew nuts, rainbow rice then re-freeze again to harden the toppings before serving. It look pretty cool but we did not get to try it instead we grab some freshly squeeze orange juice from the stall beside it.

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Freshly Squeeze Orange Juice
[Worth Trying] If you are looking for something natural without any added sugar or artificial chemicals, this freshly squeeze Thai Orange Juice is what you don't wish to miss. It's really sweet and fragrant which taste quite differently what we get from Singapore.

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Array of thirst quench drinks
[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Coconut Ice Cream
[Worth Trying] Do not miss this yummy dessert when you are in Chatuchak market which is located between Sections 1 and 2 (near the entrance of Kamphaenpetch MRT station) with a stall selling milk tea next to it.

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Coconut Ice Cream @ 30 THB (S$1.20) each
You can choose between corn and peanuts topping together with shredded pumpkin, slices of fresh coconut and coconut ice cream served in a coconut husk. After which you could also sip a small cup of their complimentary coconut juice after you have finished the ice-cream too.

Thai iced tea craftsman practicing his skill at Chatuchak
[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Red Rubies (Tub Tim Krob)
Red Ruby is called "tub tim krob" in Thai and it is a famous dessert which is made using fresh water chestnut cubes that are coated with red syrup/food colouring together with Tapioca flour. After which these cooked chestnuts cubes are served with sweeten coconut milk and shaved ice.

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Red Rubies (Tub Tim Krob) @ 30 THB (S$1.20) each


  1. Went Bangkok recently too! Love the red ruby too!! So much food to eat!

  2. Looks so yummy. You take great pictures!


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