Monday 29 July 2013

[Day 3] Chao Phraya Princess II Dinner Cruise, Bangkok

On Day 3 evening of our Bangkok trip, we booked a Dinner Cruise for Chao Phraya Princess II via our hotel concierge and they even arrange a van picked up from our hotel to River City Pier. Upon arrival, the driver bought us to the check-in counter to collect our boarding tickets and stickers for the cruise.  After which we waited for quite sometime (it's slightly behind schedule) before the cruise arrived at the pier and the queue was rather chaotic with everyone pushing just to get aboard first.

[Chao Phraya Princess II] Our boarding tickets
There are 4 Chao Phraya Princesses river cruise such as shown below and the one we went was Chao Phraya Princess II and the ticket pricing was about 1,400THB (SG$56.80) per adult :-

- Chao Phraya Princess I
- Chao Phraya Princess II
- Chao Phraya Princess III
- Chao Phraya Princess IV

[Chao Phraya Princess II] Crowds boarding the Dinner Cruise after it dock at the pier.

Chao Phraya Princess II can carry about 300 passengers and it is divided into two sections such as upper (opened air) and lower (air-conditioned) deck for guests to select base of their dining preference. For us, we preferred to have indoor dinning just in case it might rain.

[Chao Phraya Princess II] The Lower Deck air-conditioned dinning area has 120 seats.
[Chao Phraya Princess II] The Upper Deck opened air dining area has around 180 seats.

Their buffet dinner includes a wide selection of dishes ranging from Thai-style to International food, appetizers to main dishes as well as desserts like cakes, pastries and fresh fruits.

[Chao Phraya Princess II] Appetizer
[Chao Phraya Princess II] Salad Bar
[Chao Phraya Princess II] Main Dishes - Deep-fried Chicken With Thai Herbs
[Chao Phraya Princess II] Thai-style Fried Noodles with Shrimp
[Chao Phraya Princess II] Tom Yum Kung (Spicy Shrimp Soup)
[Chao Phraya Princess II] Spicy Glass Noodles with Mixed Seafood Salad
[Chao Phraya Princess II] Chicken Curry
[Chao Phraya Princess II] Dinner Buffet Spread
[Chao Phraya Princess II] Some of the cakes at the dessert counter
[Chao Phraya Princess II] Dinner Cruise Buffet
Honestly the buffet spread does consists a wide range of International Food which suits all ages but then don't expect anything fantastic like those buffet from 4/5 stars hotels. But overall few of the dishes are still quite good like Tom Yum Kung, Thai Fish Cake, Salad Bar and Fried Noodles.

[Chao Phraya Princess II] Wat Pra Kaew (The Grand Palace)
During the dinner cruise, other than filling up our tummy with the International buffet spread  we also enjoyed the magnificent night view of the historical structures as well as religious monasteries like Wat Phra Kaew (The Grand Palace) and Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn) while cruising along the Chao Phraya River.

[Chao Phraya Princess II] Rama VIII Bridge
Rama VIII Bridge which is a cable-stayed bridge crossing the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok is also another remarkable landmark which worth your snapshots. The top of the of the tower features a glass observation deck, that is enclosed in a 15-metre tall metal frame in the shape of a lotus bud and it is accessible by a lift inside the tower.

Overall we had a memorable dinner cruise on board the Chao Phraya Princess II, considering it's 2 hours cruise ride with decent buffet spread plus awesome night view along the Chao Phraya River that worth some snapshots. I am sure this is indeed an one-time experience which you might consider taking up too.

Chao Phraya Princess II Dinner Cruise
River City Pier, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
Telephone: (66) 0-2860-3700

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