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[Updated] Christmas Wonderland 2015 @ Gardens By The Bay

This Christmas Singapore is holding her second Christmas Wonderland which is an annual yuletide fair with light sculptures and festive market at Gardens By the Bay from 28 November 2015 to 03 January 2016. Visitors will be able to experience "winter" at the new Ice Palace with indoor ice skating rink or making snow angels at the snow playground. Besides chilling up there are also carnival games and rides plus European-style festive market and Spiegeltent festive menu to perk up the festive mood too.

Upon arrival we saw this beautiful Christmas tree at Golden Garden which is outside the visitor centre (above the underground carpark). Along the same stretch you can also find Cafe Crema (selling hot and cold beverages as well as cakes and sandwiches) and McDonald if you need a quite bite or afternoon tea/supper before heading home.

[Christmas Wonderland 2015] Luminarie Light Sculptures
The magnificent Luminarie light sculptures that are delicately handmade by Italian skilled craftsmen using white wood from the south of Italy begin at the Golden Garden and extend throughout the festival site all the way to Ice Palace and Festive Market located at the Supertree Grove.

[Christmas Wonderland 2015] Luminarie Light Sculptures at Supertree Grove

Before we move on to more details on the Christmas write-up let's sit back and take a look on this short clip which features our recent visit to Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay. (subscribe our YouTube channel for more video updates)

(At Gardens By The Bay)

After our late lunch at Chinatown food centre, we decided to pop by Gardens By The Bay to take a look at the Christmas Wonderland setup. As we are still early (Christmas wonderland starts at 4pm) we decided to take a stroll along the OCBC Skyway which offers a panoramic bird's-eye views of the Gardens and Marina Bay skyline.

This 128-metre long aerial walkway with height of 22-metre attraction is definitely an experience not to be missed.

Admission Fees:
Adult - SG$5;
Child - SG$3 (3 - 12 years old)
* Tickets can be purchased at Ticketing Hub or near the entrance of the OCBC Skyway (cash only).

[Christmas Wonderland 2015] OCBC Skyway

[Christmas Wonderland 2015] OCBC Skyway - View of the largest Luminarie
Top down view of the largest Luminarie towering over 20-metre high and 24-metre wide Spalliera that frame the Cassa Armonica gazebo at the Supertree Grove. The majestic luminarie light sculpture provides a stunning backdrop for the Christmas Carols, Yuletide sessions and Blizzard Time (artificial snowfall).

Blizzard Time @ Spalliera
8pm, 9pm & 10pm (daily)

[Christmas Wonderland 2015] OCBC Skyway - View of the largest Luminarie

[Christmas Wonderland 2015] OCBC Skyway - Dining at IndoChina Restaruarnt
IndoChine serves a sumptuous blend of Indochinese and Western cuisines together with a wide selection of beverages at the top of the iconic Supertree. You can check out their menu and operating hours at the official site here.

[Christmas Wonderland 2015] OCBC Skyway - Panoramic view of Marina Bay Sands Hotel

[Christmas Wonderland 2015] OCBC Skyway - View of Singapore Flyer and Flower Dome

[Christmas Wonderland 2015] OCBC Skyway - View facing the Singapore coastal line and Marina Barrage

[Christmas Wonderland 2015] OCBC Skyway
For what we recommend the best time to visit Skyway is around evening where you can catch a glimpse on the beautiful sunset on height as well as the panoramic views of the city. Or come by during the night and be enchanted by the mesmerising Garden Rhapsody lights and music show.

A video posted by Ellena Guan (@cuisineparadise) on
An Instagram clip on the night view at Supertree Grove with magnificent lights and music.

(AT Gardens By The Bay)

Even though the Luminarie light sculptures only light up upon night fall but crowds do starts to move in as early as 4pm in order to secure parking lot (if driving) and avoid queues on game stalls and rides.

Admission to the Christmas event itself is FREE but entrance fees for the rides and attractions range from SG$4 to SG$14.

[Christmas Wonderland 2015] One of the token booths at the event site
Token for the rides and games at the carnival site can be purchased from one of these token booth at the festival site as well admission tickets for Ice Palace which is a new attraction for this year.

Within the Ice Palace there are ice-skating rink (SG$14) and snow playground (SG$12) with 9 slots of 30 minutes duration each. You have to book the time slots on site and skating aids such as gloves and socks are available at additional price of SG$2 per pair (alternatively you can bring along your own). So to avoid disappointment and weekend crowds do book your slots early upon arrival at the carnival site.  

Spot a lovely koi fish pond on the way to the carnival games site at The Fairground.

[Christmas Wonderland 2015] Can you spot us?

Carnival Games @ The Fairground
4.00pm - 11.00pm (daily)

[Christmas Wonderland] Fairground site map and information

[Christmas Wonderland 2015] Helter Skelter (left) and Carousel (right)
The Fairground offers traditional carnival rides which runs on token that can be purchased on the event site at SG$2.00 per token. The 14-metre tall Helter Skelter is the tallest slide in Singapore and child above 1-metre can ride on their own at 4 Tokens (SG$8) per ride.

[Christmas Wonderland 2015] Vintage Carousel
The Vintage Carousel cost 5 Tokens (SG$10) for a 5 minutes ride with minimum height of 1.1-metre for kids to ride on their own. Luckily my boy is not keen into this or else the price will be a pinch for that few minutes ride.


On Mondays & Tuesdays between 4:00 to 6:00pm, experience SANTA'S SPECIAL HAPPY HOUR and ride on the Carousel, Helter Skelter Slide and Swinging Chairs at only 3 Tokens (SG$6) per ride.

Carnival Games are always popular among young and old where friends and family can get together to challenge a good game on skills and chance. There are about 5 game booths located at the Fairground which near The Meadow and if lady luck is with you, you might even walk away with attractive prizes such as toys from your favourite Disney and Warner Brother characters like Baymax, Minions, Winnie the Pooh and many more.

Anyone up for some Baymax plush toy? Come and try your luck with this.....

In order to win one of these cute teddy bear you can try your luck at this "Smash Can" game booth. Agrrrr we didn't win anything because I am not good at throwing game.....

[Food Kiosk] The Travelling C.O.W (Chef on Wheels) will be at Gardens By The Bay from 4.00 - 11.00pm (daily) till 27 December 2015 selling burgers, hotdog and cold beverages to fill your hungry tummy.

[Christmas Wonderland] Swinging Chairs outside Supertree Dining
If your kids are not interested in vintage carousel perhaps they might want to let them hope on to one of these child friendly Swinging Chairs (SG$8.00) to enjoy some fun-time swinging in the air. Kids must be at least 0.9-metre tall in order to ride on their own but don't worry this is not those high-flying chairs shown in theme park so they are still quite safe for young kids to handle.

[Christmas Wonderland] Supertree Dining

Looking for some dinner choice before the Christmas event? You can consider Supertree Dining which is located less than 5 minutes walk from Supertree Grove. The stretch offers both local and international delights at Hill Street Coffee Shop (chicken rice, laska, noodles and more), Taxas Chicken, Peach Garden Noodle House, Union Square Cafe and more under one roof.

*There are a few game stalls, swinging chairs and Christmas train rides just outside that area.

Festival Market @ Supertree Grove
4.00pm - 11.00pm (daily)

[Christmas Wonderland 2015] Some of the stall vendors at festive huts

[Christmas Wonderland] Festive Market
Alternatively you can visit the Festive Market at Supertree Grove where you can find 19 special design traditional wooden huts featuring selection of international cuisines and tasty treats from Cafe Iguana, Culina, Paul, Brewerkz, Ice Cream & Cookies and more. Apart from food there are variety of Christmas gift and vintage find for your selection too.

[Christmas Wonderland] Churros Factory @ Festive Market

[Christmas Wonderland] Churros Factory @ Festive Market
I was attracted to a stall selling some interesting flavours of churros in mini bite size version. After toggle between the few choices I decided to go for the Ondeh Ondeh Churros which is drizzle with generous amount of gula melaka syrup. These crisp and addictive churros are from Churros Factory at SG$2.50 a pack of 6 mini bites.

Verdict: Although the churros has a crisp bite on the outer crust but we wish the texture inside could be fluffier rather than dense and chewy. 

CHURROS FACTORY outlets available at:
- 112 Katong Mall #B1-26
- West Coast Plaza #02-01
- Junction 10, #01-25
- City Square Mall, #B2-K21
- Westgate Mall, #B2-K2


Oh ya if you are looking for some Christmas dining menu, do check out Spiegeltent (mirror tent) at Supertree Grove. The 6-metre high and 18-metre wide tent is the home to Harry's Restaurant which can offer up to 400 diners a family style dining experience with their specially curated festive menu as well as weekend brunch (SG$35++ per person) experience by Harry’s.

We didn't managed to see the Luminarie lighting due to the heavy storm on our visit but we will definitely be back again before the ends on this month. Will update this space with more photos of the Luminarie on our next visit. So do stay tune.

(as on 24th December 2015)

[Christmas Wonderland] Spalliera at Supertree Grove
Finally we managed to brave the crowds and be back again at the Christmas Wonderland on Tuesday (22 Dec) night despite of the long parking queues. Nevertheless I think the efforts are worth for the magnificent views of the Luminarie lighting and wonderful festive feel.

Oh ya please take note of the Blizzard Time (snowfall) because the last time slot has being shifted ahead to 9.45pm instead of 10pm.

[Christmas Wonderland] Crowds around the Supertree waiting for the musical lighting

[Christmas Wonderland] View of the Spalliera from outside

[Christmas Wonderland] View of the Spalliera from inside

[Christmas Wonderland] Snowfall at 8pm

[Christmas Wonderland] Splegeltent beside Spalliera

[Christmas Wonderland] Carnival Games @ The Fairground

[Christmas Wonderland] Tokens used at the carnival for rides and games

[Christmas Wonderland] Game stall at the Fairground
We changed some game tokens (minimum $10 for 5 tokens) since the boy was keen to try out two of the games at the carnival. But too bad he was not in luck to win any prizes that he wanted.

[Christmas Wonderland] Christmas Train
Christmas Train (3 Tokens; $6) will go a round trip from Supertree Grove to Fairground where you can enjoy the breeze and luminarie lighting.

[Christmas Wonderland] Festive market at Supertree Grove

Above are another two video clips on on our recent visit to the Christmas Wonderland admiring its magnificent Luminarie light sculptures.

CHRISTMAS WONDERLAND 2015 @ Gardens By The Bay
Christmas Toyland @ Flower Dome
27 November 2015 - 05 January 2016
Admission charges apply for Flower Dome

Festive Market & The Fairground
27 November 2015 - 27 December 2015
4pm - 11pm (daily)
Admission is FREE

Luminarie Light Sculpture
27 November 2015 - 03 January 2016
7pm - Midnight (daily)

How To Get There:
Bayfront MRT (CE1/DT16)

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