Bento Ideas And Kid's Meal


~ Bearish Bread
~ Bear Bread and Hamroll
~ Breakfast Bento With Lee Kum Kee Ketchup
~ Easter Bunny Pizza Bento
~ Froggy Breakfast Set
~ Ham and Cheese Bear Sandwiches
~ Homemade Fan Choy
~ Jungle Parade
~ Mickey Bread Bento
~ Pizza Boy
~ Smiley Face
~ Stamp Bread


~ Aglio e Olio and Homemade Teriyaki Chicken
~ Angry Birds Bento #1 - 愤怒鸟便当 
~ Angry Birds Bento #2 - 愤怒鸟便当 2 
~ Red Angry Birds Bento Recipe Featured @ inSing
~ At the Beach
~ Baked Cheesy Potato Cake 
~ Bear and Baked Quail Eggs
~ Bread Pockets Bento Set
~ Cheese Pie and Fruit Salad
~ Easter Chicky Bento  
~ Fried Rice Onigiri
~ Garden Theme Bento
~ Halloween Bento (Oct 2016 - New!)
~ Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
~ Happy Egg-Citing Easter
~ Happy Mother's Day
~ Hotdog Bun with Cameralised Onion
~ i-Love Mama Bento
~ Kung Fu Panda Bento Recipe Featured @ inSing
~ Lovely Garden
~ Macar Garden
~ Mr Pooh
~ National Day Bento
~ Salmon Onigiri Bento
~ Spooky Bento Featured @
~ Steam Herbal Chicken
~ Oven Baked Fried Chicken Bento
~ Panda Bento
~ Panda Panda


~ Buttermilk and Cinnimon Pancake
~ Cheesy French Toast with Cute Bunny and Granola
~ Creative Pizza Toast
~ Happy 47th Birthday Singapore  
~ Kiddy Picnic and Dinner Bento
~ Mickey Mouse
~ Mini Milk Bread with Assorted Cheese and Fruits
~ My Garden
~ Penguins Bento
~ Picnic Day
~ Pizza Toast with Garden and Ocean Theme
~ Pooh Pancake Bento
~ Reyon and Buddy
~ Spot The Hearts

~ Japanese Curry with Chicken Karaage
~ Japanese Curry with Breaded Fish
~ Angry Birds Rice Burgers
~ Bear and Sausage Grassland
~ Bento Dinner
~ Chicky Bento
~ Chicken Cutlet & Spinach Onigirazu (Nov 2016 - New!)
~ Ketchup Onigiri And Tofu With Minced Meat Bento
~ Kitty & Winnie Pooh Nasi Lemak 
~ Mickey Bento - Full Set
~ Noodle, Sausage and Scramble Egg
~ Seafood Noodles
~ Underwater World


Bread and Cake
~ Danish Bread With Egg and Cheese
~ Kitty Breakfast
~ Mini Pooh Bento Set
~ Winnie The Pooh Breakfast Set
~ Winnie The Pooh English Breakfast

Meat and Poultry
~ Sweet and Sour Mini Hotdog

Rice and Pasta Dish
~ Animal Pasta
~ Cod and Wolfberries Porridge
~ Fish Porridge With Fresh Lily Bulb
~ Frog and Pumpkin Porridge
~ Huai Shan and Lily Bulbs Congee
~ Lotus Seeds and Cod Porridge
~ Mix Vegetables With Alphbets Pasta
~ Mix Vegetables and Walnuts Porridge
~ Pumpkin And Meat Porridge
~ Quick and Easy Toddler Meal


~ Santan Claus Sushi Art


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