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[Recipes + Video] Angry Birds Rice Burger - 愤怒鸟米汉堡

Recently due to the new Angry Birds movie it seems to bring back memories for those who love its related mobile game on those battles between the birds and green pigs. And with that fast food chain restaurants in Singapore are selling Red Angry Birds Burgers and Spicy Nuggets in conjunction of the movie too.

As for me in order to surprise my boy who is one of the Angry Birds fans, I made him these cute Angry Birds Rice Burgers together with some related design fruit cutouts as a reward for his good performance in mid-year school exam.


Making these rice burgers might seems a bit tedious from base on the steps shown below because instead of using artificial food colouring, I made my own natural food dye from baked beetroot and pumpkin. I am sure the extra steps taken are definitely worth the effort consider the benefits of your loved ones. As for the shaping of the characters, I think generally you don't need much skills but rather more on time and patient which will be of great help.

(Yield: 3 | Preparation: 15 minutes | Cooking: 20 minutes)

1.5 cup uncooked rice
3 boneless chicken leg
3 slices sandwich cheese
2 small beetroot
150g pumpkin cubes
3 eggs

Sides & Garnishing:
Romaine lettuce
1 small tomato
Japanese mayonnaise sauce
carrot & seaweed sheet
kiwifruit & watermelon, optional

1. Peel the outer skin of beetroots, rinse and cut one of it into slices and the other into cubes.

2. Lightly season pumpkin and beetroot (place in separate container or baking dish) with extra virgin olive oil then baked in preheated 180°C (356°F) oven (toaster oven or airfryer can be used) about 25 minutes or until beetroot is soft when tested with a fork.

3. While baking the beetroot prepare the rice using rice cooker. Add enough water (same water level as per normal cooking), 1 tablespoon coconut milk (or 1/2 teaspoon organic coconut oil), pandan leaves and lemon grass. Give it a quick stir and cook until rice is done.

4. Place cooked pumpkin and beetroot cubes into two separate bowls. Using the back of a spoon mash them into paste then add in about 10 tablespoons of cooked rice to each bowl and mix till it form red and yellow rice.

5. Using some clingwrap divide the coloured rice into pumpkins and beetroot balls (2 each colour) then use 2 tablespoons of plain rice to make two small white balls.

6. Next shape the beetroot balls into 0.5cm thick round patty (you can use the help of round sushi mould). Flatten and assemble one of the white rice ball on bottom 1/3 area of the beetroot rice patty to form the stomach of the Angry Bird (refer to the related photo or video).

7. As for the pumpkin rice balls, shape them into two triangles then assemble the other white rice balls on the bottom to form the stomach of the yellow Angry Birds. (you can use 1 tablespoon of the rice coloured rice; roll into thin strips to form the eyebrows instead of using seaweed sheet)

8. Lastly assemble the facial features by using sliced cheese, seaweed sheet and carrot then wrapped the rice patty with clingwrap while working on other ingredients.

9. Preheat oil in a wok or frying pan, deep-fried chicken cutlets until golden brown and meat is cooked (remove chicken from the fridge at least 10 minutes before cooking). Related recipe on preparing the chicken cutlet (or chicken wings) can be found at this link here.

9. To serve, place one of the beetroot rice patty on plate; top with lettuce, cheese, chicken cutlet, mayonnaise sauce, beetroot, tomato plus another layer of rice patty (with angry bird features). You can add some some salad made with lettuce, hard-boiled egg / fried egg, baked pumpkin or beetroot together with fresh fruits.

To make cute angry birds character fruit cutout you can use related cookie cutters or free hand with the help of toothpicks or knife.

Here is a close-up look of our Red Angry Bird Rice Burger; love the beautiful red obtain from the beetroot without any adding of artificial colouring.

A demo clip on how to prepare Angry Birds Rice Burger with natural food colouring.



(分量: 3人份   | 准备: 15 分钟   | 烹煮时间: 20 分钟)

2粒小甜菜 (beetroot)

海带片 (seaweed sheet)

1. 首先将甜菜洗净并去掉外皮,然后一粒切小块状另一粒切片。

2. 南瓜和甜菜淋上少许橄榄油,放进預熱180摄氏度的烤箱烤大约25分钟或直到微软便可取出备用。

3. 烤甜菜的当儿可以先煮饭。香米洗净沥干后和香兰叶,香茅一起放进电饭锅里,接着加入适量的水(用饭锅水份的衡量标准)和1汤匙椰奶(或1/2茶匙有机椰油)搅拌一下然后煮到电饭锅跳到保温后即可。

4. 把烤好的南瓜和甜菜块分别放在两个碗里然后用汤匙压成泥状。跟着拌入大约10汤匙的饭然后搅拌均匀成红和黄色。

5. 准备两个南瓜和甜菜饭团以及两个白饭团(每个约1汤匙饭)。 将甜菜饭团揉成0.5公分厚的圆形 (可用圆形寿司模具带劳),将其中一个白饭团摆放在甜菜饭团1/3位置然后压平作为肚子。

6. 接着把南瓜饭团整形成两个三角形,把另一个白饭团摆放在其中一个饭团1/3位置然后压平作为肚子作为黄色的愤怒鸟。 眉毛可用少许的甜菜饭团揉成条状。

7. 最后用芝司,海苔和胡萝卜片做愤怒鸟的眼睛,眉毛,鼻子和嘴巴然后用保鲜膜包好定型即可。

8. 锅里的油烧热之后就慢慢把腌好的鸡块 (记得要煮10分钟前先从冰箱取出)放入,用中火炸到金黄色和肉熟透就可捞起沥干。炸鸡食谱和做法请参考此页

9. 摆盘前先把没有造型的饭团放底层,接着依照次序放生菜,芝司,炸鸡,美奶滋酱,甜菜和番茄片。最后盖上准备好的愤怒鸟造型饭团即可和沙拉及愤怒鸟水果一起上桌。

10. 剩余的饭可以随意捏成三角形做白色愤怒鸟再加以点缀。 如果你没有制造便当的用具可以用剪刀(剪海苔做眼睛和眉毛),吸管 (芝司做眼睛)和牙签等来代替。

Lastly hope you like this post on Angry Bird Rice Burgers which you can try out with your kids during weekend. For more angry birds bento ideas, you can check out the link here. Till then have a great week ahead.

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