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[Recipe + Video] Kracie Happy Kitchen - Edible Miniature Pizza Kit

Happen to chance upon this miniature DIY food kit while exploring a Japanese 100 yen (S$2 shop) known as Tokutokuya. This shop has many interesting household and food stuffs imported from Japan with most of the items pricing at S$2 unless otherwise stated. The miniature food kits which the boy spotted are from Kracie and they come in different designs like hamburgers, sushi, pancake, donuts and etc for your selection.

The pizza kit (SG$5 per box) which we bought can make two 6cm size pizza, four cute face potato cake and a cup of grape soda. Although the end product might be too small to fill the tummy but the boy enjoys the making process as well as a fun experience of owning a pizza shop.

(Kracie 快乐厨房混合比萨饼)

At first we are quite hesitate to try the finishing products (still not very convincing that it is edible) but when the curious boy give it a try he said it actually taste like "real pizza" and finished everything in less than 5 minutes. So if you are keen, do grab a box of this Kracie DIY kit and start making your own “magical” treats by simply follow the easy instructions.

(Yield: 1 serving | Preparation: 10 minutes | Cooking: 10 minutes)

1. tray for mixing potato & dough
2. tray for mixing sauce & cheese
3. smiley face mould for potato
4. measuring cup
5. soda serving cup
6. pizza box
7. pre-mix for pizza

1. Cut the provided plastic container into four separate pieces shown above.

2. Pour potato powder (yellow sachet) into mixing tray (no.1) then use the triangle cup (no. 4) to add in two cups of water and mix well to form a paste.

3. Next transfer the mixture into happy faces tray (no. 3), smooth the top with some force to get a deep print of the features.

4. Either microwave the potato (with the tray) for 40 seconds using 500 Watt power (or oven toaster for 3 minutes; without the tray). When done cut it into four separate pieces and set aside.

5. Put dough powder (orange sachet) into the large mixing tray (no. 1) then using the triangle cup add in 4 cups of water and mix them well to form a paste.

6. Gently knead the dough for a minute then divide it into 2 dough and shape them into a 6cm round Pizza dough.

7. Put cheese powder (green sachet) into the small mixing tray (no. 2) then use the triangle cup to add in 1 cup of water and mix them well. Roll the dough into a long oblong then cut it into small pieces and set aside.

8. Put tomato sauce powder (brown sachet) into the small mixing tray (no. 2) then use the triangle cup to add in 2 cups of water and mix them well.

9. Add sausage powder into the large mixing tray (no. 1) then use the triangle cup to add in 2 cups of water and mix them well. Transfer sausage mixture back into the orange sachet.

10. Spread tomato sauce on pizza dough, add cheese then snip off the bottom corner of the sausage mixture sachet and squeeze the sausage mixture on the dough.

11. Put Pizza in a microwavable plate then microwave it for 1 minute using 500 watt power. After baking the Pizza, put the toppings (blue sachet). Alternately you can bake it using toaster oven for 2-3 minutes.

12. Lastly empty grape soda powder (purple sachet) into the drinking cup (no. 5) then add water (half filled with water or else mixture will overflow when soda powder is added) and mix well.

Here is a quick demo on making this miniature pizza.

前几日和孩子逛商场时他无意间在一家日式家居店里看到了一些非常可爱的微型食物。这些由快乐厨房 (Kracie) 出厂的混合快餐有;比汉堡,寿司,煎饼,甜甜圈等等而儿子就买了以上的比萨饼

每一盒都可作出两个6cm 的比萨饼,四个可爱的脸土豆饼和一杯饼葡萄味汽水而且完成后的食品吃起来还是不错的喔。制做过程中孩子也可体验烹调的乐趣和顺便当下披萨店老板。

(分量: 1人份    |   准备: 10 分钟    |  烹煮时间: 10 分钟)


1. 首先将塑料容器分别按照图片所指示剪成四个独立的部分。

2. 将土豆粉(黄色小袋)倒入长形的容器(1号)里然后使用三角容器杯(4号)加两杯水搅拌成糊状。

3. 把土豆泥转移到可爱笑脸容器(3号)用一点力抹平表面好让笑脸图案 能清楚的呈现。

4. 用微波炉(使用500瓦功率40秒)或烤箱(3分钟,切记把土豆饼从容器取出才烤)把土豆饼煮熟之后切四份,备用。

5. 将面团粉(橙色小袋)倒入1号容器再加4杯水(三角杯)拌匀成糊状。

6. 轻轻将面团揉一分钟,然后分成两份捏成两个6CM的圆形比萨面团。

7. 芝士粉(绿色小袋)倒入2号容器再加1杯水(三角杯)搅拌均匀。把芝士团揉成长方形再切小块,备用。

8. 番茄酱粉(棕色小袋)倒入2号容器再加2杯水(三角杯)搅拌均匀,备用。

9. 香肠粉(橙色小袋)倒入1号容器再加2杯水(三角杯)混合均匀再转移回香肠粉袋。

10. 最后把番茄酱均匀的涂在比萨面团,加芝士块和挤些香肠面团粒。

11. 放进微波炉 (500瓦功率的1分钟)或烤箱(2-3分钟)加热,取出后撒些装饰(蓝色小包)。

12. 把葡萄苏打粉(紫色小袋)倒入水杯(5号),加水(一半即可否则气泡会流出)拌匀就可享用。

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