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Monday 16 January 2012

Crystal Jade Chinese New Year Specialties 2012

Chinese New Year is around the corner and I am sure everyone is busying with sending auspicious gifts and hampers to business partners, relatives, friends and etc. And last week while at the mist of our spring cleaning, I received a big surprised from Crystal Jade. I was quite shock when the deliveryman hand over a big bag to me as I was not inform before hand on this "surprised".

At first I thought the big box might be "Yu Sheng - 鱼生" since the packaging is more or less quite similar but after removing the cover we are all excited about the assorted flavour of the steamed cakes inside the "Eternal Bliss Gift Set". As you can see above, isn't it look gorgeous as a gift set for Chinese New Year!

Inside the bag there is also this Fortune Bo Lo Pineapple Tart  - 旺上旺菠箩黄梨挞 that comes in a floral design rectangle box with 2 individual sealed packets contain 8 tarts each. To be honest this is our first time trying Bo Lo Pineapple Tarts which is a signature pastry from Crystal Jade My Bread that comes with a combination inspired from the famous Hong Kong "Bo Lo Bao(菠蘿包)". Each bite you would be surprised by it's hint of sweet crispy crust on top which follows by generous amount of tasty pineapple jam fillings. Indeed our family finds it very special compared to the usual buttery taste pineapple tarts that we used to eat.

This Fortune Bo Lo Pineapple Tarts comes is 4 different packaging ranging from S$14.80 - S$30.80. The twin packet shown above is known as "Double Happiness Pack" priced at S$16.80. (more details HERE)

If you still can't decide on what to get during Chinese New Year gathering for your Potluck dishes or tea-snack to impressive your guest especially the elderly. I suggest you could consider getting this Eternal Bliss Gift Set - 五福临门(S$37.80). This set consists of both sweet(water chestnut cake, pandan aloe vera cake, glutinous rice cake) and savoury cake (carrot cake, yam cake) which represent auspicious meaning during Chinese New Year.

And if you ever tried their Dim Sum served at Crystal Jade Kitchen, I am sure you would love these delicious carrot/yam cake which is so soft, flavorsome and made with generous amount of ingredients.

Other than pastries and cakes from Crystal Jade My Bread, there are other Chinese New Year proudcts such as "Peng Cai - 盆菜", "Yu Sheng - 鱼生", "Pagoda of Eight Treasures - 开运八宝塔", "Buddha Jumps over the Wall - 佛跳墙" and etc which is available at different Crystal Jade outlet. (Detail HERE)

Above shows the "Golden Abalone Treasure Pot - 金装鲍鱼盆菜" at a promotion price of S$408.80(10 pax) or S$248.80(6 pax) available from now till 06 Feb 2012.

Glutinous Rice is another auspicious dish to have during Chinese New Year and this year Crystal Jade has come out with this NEW "Pagoda of Eight Treasures - 开运八宝塔" for S$88.80. There are 8 "treasures" arranged neatly on bamboo basket such as:- Fried Glutinous Rice, Preserved Sausage, Preserved Liver Sausage, Deep-fried Chicken Fillet, Fried Quail Egg, Marinated Octopus, Sauteed French Bean and Sauteed Shrimp with Mushroom.

All the Chinese New Year goodies are available for Promotion Price from 05 Jan - 22 January, 25 Jan - 06 February at selected Crystal Jade Outlets. More details and full promotion booklet can be found HERE.

Lastly I would like to thanks Crystal Jade and Linea Communications for the Fortune Bo Lo Pineapple Tarts and Eternal Bliss Gift Set.

Wednesday 16 November 2011

Aloha Tropical X'mas @ Crystal Jade 2011

Photos courtesy of Crystal Jade

This year December, Crystal Jade is aiming to bring Christmas menu convenience to celebrations in both home and office where they injects local flavor into its festive take-away menu with dishes like Roasted Home Recipe Turkey, Smoked Duck Breast and Ham Wellington together with some pies, log cakes, desserts and etc.

The above Crystal Jade’s Roasted Home Recipe Turkey ($78.00, approx. 3.5-4.5kg) is prepared the day itself before collection with it right combination of east and west seasonings that include five spice, orange juice, oregano and more leaving you an exotic taste.

Photos courtesy of Crystal Jade

As for the Christmas package, it comes in either Premium Tropical Xmas Package(S$128.00) for parties of 6 - 8 persons or this Deluxe Aloha Package (S$330.00) for parties of 15 - 18 persons. With these professional cooked dishes it will definitely leaves you with more time to catch up with your guests. And as you can see from the above it comprises of:

~ 1 Mixed Fruit Tropical Christmas Cake
~ 1 Roasted Whole Home Recipe Turkey with Herbs and Spices
~ 1 Honey Baked Ham
~ 2 plates of Aloha Fried Rice with Pork Floss
~ 16 pieces Fried Almond Fish Fingers
~ 16 pieces Pork Skewer with Teriyaki Sauce
~ 16 Mushroom Vol-Au-Vent
~ 16 pieces Sambal Crabmeat Vol-Au-Vent
~ 16 pieces Cheese & Bacon Croquette
~ 16 pieces Mini Spicy Minced Pork and Bean Pie

Photos courtesy of Crystal Jade

Kids at the party will be thrilled with all these Tropical Cutie Cupcake(S$14.80/6 pcs) that are decorated with cute Christmas theme toppers. These cupcakes comes in 3 different theme at price ranging from S$12.80 - S$14.80 for 6 pieces which is a great treat for kids' party at childcare or Sunday school too.

For your information there is a also an exclusive 10 - 15% discount for CITIBANK Card members while making orders. All Christmas orders starts from Wednesday, 16 Nov 2011 - 02 January 2012(terms and conditions applies).

You can call their Party Hotline @ 6512 0800 (Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm excluding public holidays) or visit their festive promotion website HERE.