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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Neo Garden Deluxe - Mini Buffet

A few weeks ago, my brother celebrates his Birthday together with their house warming in his apartment at Pinnacle@Duxton. Everyone enjoys the tasty food as well as panorama view of the city from his apartment at level 45 and also the rooftop view at level 50 of the building. As for the food, we have decided to try out the "Neo's Deluxe" package which is recommended by one of our relative who is a regular customer of Neo Garden Group.

This mini buffet cost S$14.99 per person for 6 Main courses, 2 desserts and 1 beverage. There are a lot of delicious local and Asian food to be selected from their menu range and here are some of the items that we had:- Thai Pineapple Rice, Fried Hong Kong Mee, Sotong Yu Tiao & Breaded Scallop, Mushroom Broccoli, Curry Chicken and etc.

These are lovely golden deep-fried "Sweet and Sour" fish slices that goes well with their special dipping sauce.

After much discussion we settle for this "Butter Prawn" instead of Sze Chuan/Thai-style prawn which is well received by most of the guests. Everyone comments that the prawns are very fresh and crunch when bite and they are lightly infused with a layer of golden crust and buttery fragrant.

After scanning through the buffet line, these are the items that I took. The "Thai Pineapple Rice" is gorgeously served with mixed frozen vegetables, raisins and chicken floss that is fried with spices which enhance its overall sight and taste. Surprisingly the Curry Chicken taste good with it fragrance and spicy gravy but the portion was kind of little for 30 pax as by the end of 1st round there already not many potatoes and chicken left in the pot.

For desserts we choose the "Mini Custard Puff" which is one of the popular choices as it is smaller in size and great to go with either tea/coffee. And for those who wants something cold and sweet, the "Ice Jelly with Cocktail" would be a great choice to be served after meal.

Recently Neo Garden Catering has also started their festive season promotions for coming Christmas and New Year. For more details and enquires you could check out from their website HERE for more information.

Neo Group Pte Ltd
No. 6A Wan Lee Road
Singapore 627938
Telephone: 6896 7757
Fax: 6515 0421

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Trying Of Dinner Catering

Heard a lot of good comments about this International Catering Pte Ltd service, so I decided to give myself a short break from cooking dinner. I cater for a Trial Period of 10 Days meal which the delivery man will sent the dinner on every Mon-Fri Evening except Public Holiday.

These are some of the foods that we had for the past three days of trial.... The food to me is consider as average, you can't except too much on this kind of homecook catering food. It's a Hala Menu and you won't find any pork in everyday dishes.

As you can see, the stir-fry vegetables and toufu are simply cooked with sauce, not much as putting in things like, prawns, meat or any other side ingredients like garlic or ginger. So after my trail of 10 days, I don't think I will continue for this. Maybe I am those person who know how to cook so these simple dish without any presentable decoration doesn't attract me much. But overal, the food is still nice and can consider to be a light and healthy dish..... For those who are interested to try, you can either called Hotline: 6289 8369 or check out at their website at Posted by Picasa