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Sunday 4 October 2009

Ji De Chi

There are all kinds of Hong Kong style dessert stalls around Singapore and just in Chinatown area, there are about 4 or more stalls. Like in People's Park Center, located a corner of the second floor, you will find "Dessert Hut - 甜品小屋" and "Tong Shui - 糖水". Today we are going to take a look at this stall known as "Ji De Chi - 记得吃".

Upon looking at the menu, we actually wanted to try their Durian Bake Puff Roll, but we were informed that it is out of stock. So we settle for this "Mango in Sticky Rice Roll - 芒果糯米卷". We will quite disappointed with the item that is being served, from the photo you can see that the rice roll is so thick and it's kind of hard which is not as good as it look. I am not sure whether does it taste the same in all the 3 outlets or maybe in certain days, it might just taste soft and nice.....Em...maybe have to take a risk to order another time in a different outlet.

Whenever I visit any of these Dessert stalls, there are always two items that I will order, it is either Almond Paste of Mango Pomelo. And I have read from magazine review that there is something special about their "Almond Paste With black Glutinous Rice Ball - 杏仁糊加黑糯米球". Apart from the normal Almond Paste, they actually add a scoop of the Black Glutinous Rice in it to enhance the taste and fragrance.

Here comes my serving on this "Durian with Pomelo Sago - 榴莲飘香". I have being eying the poster of this dessert outside the stall for quite sometime whenever we walk past during lunch hour...... And today, I finally have a chance to try out their signature Durian dessert. It consists of Durian Paste, fresh durian flesh, sago and some fresh pomelo. Em... although the taste was great, but I think I still prefer the Nonya Durian Pengat.

If you are looking for some new desserts to try on or some light tea-time snacks like Yam cake, Rice Dumpling, Chee Cheong Fun and etc. You might like to give one of their 3 outlet a visit when you are free at:- Jurong Point(New Wing), Liang Seah St or Chinatown Point.