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Thursday 6 December 2012

MooJaa, Mookata Thai BBQ Steamboat

MooJaa is a popular slang word meaning "My lovely pig" which is commonly used by couples who have put on a little of that "happy weight" during their relationship. Here at MooJaa, Kookata Thai BBQ Steamboat, you could enjoy having both barbecue and hot pot at the same time like what shown above. The pot comes with a dome shaped grill which allows smoke from the charcoal to waft up to the grill and perfume the meat with "wok hei" fragrant which makes you crave for more.

The selling point of MooJaa is definitely their flavoursome "soup broth", sweet and spicy homemade dipping sauces as well as fresh ingredients like meat and seafood.

While flipping thru their menu, we notice that they have some Thai-style Ala Carte dishes like Basil Pork, Green Curry Chicken, Fried Garlic Pork/Chicken and etc for their lunch menu with pricing range from S$5.50 - S$8.00 inclusive of white rice and soup. 

Although there are quiet a few choices on the drinks menu but when comes to Thai restaurant I would either go for their Thai Ice Tea (S$2.50) or Lemongrass Drink. And I am glad I made the correct choice for having Thai Ice Tea from Moojaa which taste really good with a light refreshing after taste that is not too sweet or bitter.

They are two popular dipping sauces such as Spicy BBQ (red colour) and Sweet Sour Seafood (orange colour) which the Thai chef made from scratch using 31 different ingredients.  And to make these sauces it involved about six straight hours of non-stop stirring in order to prevent it from char or bun, no wonder it taste so good and like by most customers. Personally I love the Sweet Sour Seafood Sauce which taste more refreshing with hint of citrus flavour in it.

At MooJaa, the owners also specially used quality Binchotan Japanese Charcoal (備長炭) which does not release smoke, ashes or other unpleasant odours like those traditional charcoal steamboat we used to have. And the moment when we saw they bring in the charcoal we were all very excited to try the food which would be cooked using the traditional way rather than gas stove.

While the staff was preparing the steamboat for us, something interesting caught our attention. He actually used a cube of "Pork Lard" (in place of the butter which normally used for BBQ) to grease the grilling pot before placing the meat on it.  From what he told us, this extra goodness would add great fragrance and crisp to the meats barbecued on the dome.

For your information the soup broth for the hot pot section is brewed for at least five hours using chicken and pork bone which makes it so tasty even before adding in any of the hot pot ingredients. And by the time, we added in the meats, vegetables and seafood, the soup turns incredibly flavourful with the mixture of the hot pot ingredients and meaty juices from the grill.

MooJaa has two types of Mookata set which are Set Moo and Set Gai both pricing at S$39.90. Basically they have the same items just that Set Moo consists of Pork Collar Set whereas Set Gai is of Boneless Chicken. Both the Mookata sets includes Prawn, Fish/Pork Ball, Squid, Hotdog, Golden Mushroom, Vermicelli, Kang Kong and Cabbage.  

Furthermore they also have other Ala Carte items to add on to the Mookata such as Cheese Ball (S$8.00), Deep-fried Salmon Fish Skin (S$6.00), US Angus Beef (S$22.00) and etc which you could take a look at their Menu.

Their homemade Chicken Cheese Balls (S$8.00) is one of their popular side orders which is tender when bite and the cheese filling is not too overpowering in taste too. But just be careful when you eat this as the cheese might burst and split when you bite it.

One of their private dining room which could caters around 8 - 10 persons.

MooJaa, Mookata Thai BBQ Steamboat
25 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089132
Reservation: (65)6536 4780

Operating Hours:
Lunch: Monday to Friday; 11.00am - 2.00pm

Dinner: Monday to Sunday; 5.00pm - 11.00pm

Friday 21 September 2012

King Pot Steamboat @ Big Splash

King Pot Steamboat which is located at Big Splash (East Coast Park) offers an unique casual atmosphere with fine dining experience when you set foot into the restaurant that makes you feel like King and Queen. Overall I find their service is good with attentive serving staffs who are quick and skillful in placing and arranging the platters of food on our table and also they are very observant in taking care of each individual needs such as making sure my boy could enjoy his food and hotpot under safety precaution too.

The photo shows the setup of the steamboat table at KingPot where we each has our personal "hotpot" that cooks using modern gas stove. The cutlers and plates used are quiet similar to those for fine dining which makes you feel so different when compared to those traditional steamboat which we had at home or coffee shop where we used those metal net scoop to hold and cook the food.

King Pot has range of soup broth that cater for each individual preference from the lightest Clear Wild Mushroom broth to thick and spicy Laksa broth. Overall we have tried their Mushroom, Herbal, Bak Kut Teh, Laksa, Minestrone and Szechuan Ma Lai broth.

Out of the broths that we tried, most of us agreed that Bak Kut Teh, Minestrone and Laksa are the "Must Try" whereas for lighter broth you could ask for Wild Mushroom or for strong and spicy taste, try the Ma Lai broth which a few of us find it too spicy.

My choice of Bak Kut Teh broth is very flavoursome and taste good with their complimentary rice. And to our surprised it is not normal steamed white rice but rather a bowl of very fragrant and delicious "chicken rice" to accompany the steamboat items.  Other than soup broth and rice, each set meal also comes with some vegetables (mushroom, black fungus, vegetables and etc), cellophane noodles (dong fen) and a dipping sauce of your choice.

Basically there are 4 types of dipping sauce available on their menu which are:- KingPot Signature Sauce, KingPot Specialty Sauce, Specialty Sauce and Satay Sauce. For chef recommendation, we tried their KingPot Signature Sauce (back) and KingPot Specialty Sauce (front, with sesame seeds topping).

Before using the KingPot Specialty Sauce, you have to use the chopstick or spoon to break up the ball (which resemble a ball of ice-cream) and mix it well with the sauce and overall it taste quiet like Japanese sesame dipping sauce but just with a hint of saltiness. And this goes well with meat, especially lamb.

There were also a few core set menus to choose from such as Meat lover Set (S$28.80++; UP S$39.90++), Seafood Lover Set (S$28.80++; UP S$36.80++), Vegetarian Pot (S$32.80++; UP S$42.80++), Combi Platter With Seafood And Meat (S$36.80++; UP S$46.80++) and Kids Meal (S$9.80++; UP S$12.80++) with the option to top up on individual items.

Above shows the Combi Platter With Seafood and Meat that range from Angus Beef Ribeye, Pork, Lamb, Fresh Black Prawn, Red Grouper, meat balls, Bitter Gourd Fish Paste Yong Tau Foo and etc.

The Seafood Lover Set comes with prawns, squid, fish, meatballs and accompany Yong Tau Foo items. The selections are fresh except they freeze the fresh fish slices and thaw before serving which I personally feel it would be even better if they used fresh daily supply instead of freeze and thaw.

{Ala Carte Order} This is one of the KINGPOT Special Roll which is known as Boneless Lamb Rack - French Cut (S$22.00/plate). If you look carefully from the photo above, you could see it is specially roll with two "cylinder hole" that enable chopsticks to pick up the cut and swirl in the steamboat  for quick cooking.

Accordingly to the chef, this lamb rack must go with their "Specialty Sauce" which covers 80% of the lamb odor. And the few of us did do a test on eating the lamb with and without the dipping sauce and it did proof on what their chef has recommended.

The set meal has a complimentary beverage of either Coffee/Tea together with cake (depend on what they have on that day) at the end of the meal. Although they might be be specialize on cake but their Tiramisu still taste quiet decent. 

Other than the complimentary coffee/tea that served from the set menu ordered, there are also some other beverages such as juices, sparking water, wine and etc on their beverage menu too.

King Pot Steamboat
902 East Coast Parkway Block B
#01-05 Big Splash
Singapore 449874
Reservation: (65) 6348 7997

Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 6.00pm – 10:30pm
Friday – Sunday: 11.00am – 2:30pm and 6.00pm – 10:30pm

Lastly I would like to thank Adrian from KingPot for arranging this tasting as well as all the friendly serving staffs who served and attended to us during the tasting.