Thursday, 29 January 2009

Bento #9 - Bearish Bread

This morning, I made this Bearish Bread School Tea-Break Bento for Reyon. As I was kind of in a rush, I just made a simple and quick one as he requested bear shape bread. Luckily I have pre-cut the bread shape bread on the night before, so in the morning, I just sandwich the bread with his favour Nutella and top the surface of the bread with cheese slices as the ears and nose. And lastly, I used my newly bought mini smiley craft punchers to form the features. After the bread is done, I arrange some cherry tomatoes and grapes between the spacing in order to secure the bread from moving around and also to add more colours to the meal.

Upon seeing this when getting ready for school, Reyon even gave names to the 4 bears like: papa bear, mummy bear, ah ma bear and baby bears.......according to the different features he choose.Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Bento #8 - Bear & Sausage Grassland

This Bento preparation is getting more and more interesting. I can't believed that I am actually doing it at least more than thrice a week... Yeah!!! Keep the spirit going :) Today is the 2nd Day of Chinese Lunar New Year. After long hour of house visiting, I am too tired to cook so I decided to make something instant and simple.

Upon Reyon's request, I made this Bear & Sausage Bento. I use a bear shape pancake mould to shape the rice in order, then balanced some broccoli florets in a pot of lightly salty water and arrange them like grass at the base of the bento box. Next, I pan-fry some sausage slices and quail eggs and I used a small heart-shape cookie cutter to cut a heart-shape out of the quail egg. Lastly, I arrange some cheese stars on the broccoli and cherry tomato and grape as the crown for the bear.Posted by Picasa

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Bento #7 - Bear & Baked Quail Egg

This afternoon we are having this Cod Fish Bear Shape Onigiri serve with Baked Cherry Tomato with Quail Egg and some fresh fruits. My son love to have his rice mixed with the pan-fry cod fish fillet when I mould it into any shape of Onigiri. Today, I tried to baked some quail egg using the cherry tomato as a shell base. My son is very particular with fruits and he doesn't like Raspberry as the texture is kind of soft and marshy.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Bento #6 - Ham & Cheese Bear Sandwiches

Today's Bento breakfast will be simple Ham and Cheese Bear serve with some fruits. My son loves this small tangerine which is sweet and juice compare to Strawberry which he finds it a bit sour.

I made these ham and cheese bear sandwiches using the new Pooh Cutter which I have bought a few months ago. This set of cutter come in two different ring mould which allows you to cut out the shape of the face as well as the tiny features. While I use the mini pooh vegetable cutter to cut the pooh head cheese that place on top of the tangerine. Posted by Picasa