Monday, 9 February 2009

Bento #15 - Stamp Bread

Today's Bento theme is about Stamps. I just got a zigzag cutter from Daiso..... Now that Daiso have a new Branch near my house area, I always drop by to peep and see they whether they have a new items on the shelf. And so coincide, on Saturday I actually bum into one of my blog friend, Tona whom I have not meet before since we knew each other till now for almost 3 years. It was really so surprised and excited to meet friend that we have being corresponding thru Blog and emails........ Hope we will have another chance to meet up and let the kids get to play while we can sit down and chit chat more on our new hobby which is Kid's Bento making....

As you read from my blogs, you actually knew that Reyon loves to collect recycle envelopes and he indeed have a wide collection of envelopes. He even made a little Post Box out of a recycle parcel box.

Since I am not feeling well today(down with sore throat and fever), I don't really have the strength or idea on what to prepare for Reyon's breakfast bento. So I just fix a quick bento by preparing Stamp Bread using the new 2 in 1 Zigzag Cutter that I bought.Posted by Picasa

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Bento #14 - Smiley Face

This morning Breakfast theme is on Smiley Face because Rey is feeling better today as he had down with flu for about 4 days. Yesterday he choose to have a sad and dull face for his Pizza Boy while today, he requested a Smiley Face on his jam sandwich Ritz Crackers.

Look at this cheeky boy on the pictures, he still can pose so many interesting expression while taking his breakfast. On the 2nd picture in the 1st column, you can see that he is choosing which item to start with. Although making these bento are a bit time consuming but then it's full of fun when you see your kids eating them with joy. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, 7 February 2009

#Bento 13 - Noodle, Sausage & Egg

Since Rey is not feeling well, he requested for something light but not porridge for dinner. So I decided to give him some noodles, blanched broccoli, scramble egg and mini taiwan sausage as his dinner. Posted by Picasa

Bent0 #12 - Pizza Boy

This morning, I made this set of Pizza Boy bento for Reyon. Since he is down with flu these few days, he requested to have a boy with a sick face on it to show that he is not feeling well. I add in some strawberries and tangerine for him to make the bento more colour to lift up his appetite. To make him happy, I also add in some chocolate mushroom caps on his request.

Look at the way, this little greedy monster eat.... He doesn't look sick at all right? Hahaha......Posted by Picasa