Sunday 8 February 2009

Bento #14 - Smiley Face

This morning Breakfast theme is on Smiley Face because Rey is feeling better today as he had down with flu for about 4 days. Yesterday he choose to have a sad and dull face for his Pizza Boy while today, he requested a Smiley Face on his jam sandwich Ritz Crackers.

Look at this cheeky boy on the pictures, he still can pose so many interesting expression while taking his breakfast. On the 2nd picture in the 1st column, you can see that he is choosing which item to start with. Although making these bento are a bit time consuming but then it's full of fun when you see your kids eating them with joy. Posted by Picasa


  1. Hi, Ellena

    My first visit here. What can I say about your Bento series ? Hm.......lovely, creative, sure they are but the most important is I can feel the love from your Bento. Cheers !

  2. Hi Chumpman,

    Thanks for dropping by my humble blog and your compliments over those food that i prepared. Hope to see you around again.... :) Take care!



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