Saturday 21 February 2009

Osmanthus, Water Chestnut & Sea Coconut Dew

Some weeks ago, one of our church members bought some desserts to my mum and she told me that it is very special as she had not eaten something like that before. From what she mentioned, the ingredients include lotus seeds, chopped water chestnut, wolfberries, egg white and most important Osmanthus flower which gives this dessert it unique fragrant and taste.

So from what she had mentioned to me, I come out with my own version of Osmanthus, Water Chestnut & Sea Coconut Dew. Yup, for my version, I have added some shredded Sea Coconut to it. It had being long since I used fresh sea coconut to make soup or dessert. And I must admit, this is a very refreshing dessert which have a very nice tangerine taste due to the Osmanthus Flowers.Posted by Picasa

Ingredients: (serves 2)
12 Dried Lotus Seeds
2 Teaspoons of Sugar
4 - 5 Water Chestnut, peeled & finely chopped
2 Teaspoons of Dried Osmanthus Flower
1/2 Tablespoon Wolfberries
800ml Water
1/2 - 1 Egg White, lightly beaten
1 Medium Fresh Sea Coconut, optional
Rock Sugar to taste

1. Wash and peel off the skin of the fresh sea coconut (try to select the soft to touch type which is more suitable for making dessert) then cut into thin strips.
2. Bring half small saucepan of water to boil then add in the lotus seeds and simmer on medium low heat for about 7 - 10 minutes until the seeds are soft. Dish up, rinse and remove any germ inside the lotus seeds to prevent bitterness then marinate with the sugar and set aside.
3. Next bring the pot of 800ml water to boil, add in rock sugar, sea coconut, wolfberries and osmanthus flower and simmer for about 10 minutes.
4. Use a strainer, remove most of the cooked osmanthus flower away then add in the chopped water chestnut and marinated lotus seeds and simmer till boiled then switch off the heat.
5. Slowly add in the beaten egg white and give it a slow stir to create the swirl effect. (The heat from the content will cook the egg white and you have to add in slowly and stir so that it won't be in a lump)
6. Serve it with some extra osmanthus flower either warm or cold.

a) You can replace dried lotus seeds with those vacuum packed fresh lotus seeds instead.
b) You can either soak the dried lotus seeds with boiling water(without washing the seeds) till soft then cooked together with the sea coconut and rock sugar.

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  1. Wow this looks very refreshing and nutritious! Tks for sharing

  2. Hi Missy... hope that you will like this dessert if you do try it out :)

  3. Hey! Where to get this Osmanthus flowers??? I read in Aunty Yochana's blog before that this can made into jelly... I want to get some to try.

  4. Hi Angeleyes!

    Thanks for dropping by and your kind comments :) Oh i bgought the Osmanthus flowers from one of the chinese medicial hall called the "Bees Brand", or you can also find it in most of the medicial hall in chinatown area. Hope that helps... :)

  5. Hi Ellena,

    Where to get the fresh sea coconut and how to choose them?


  6. Hi Jean,

    You can get fresh sea coconut at certain vegetable stall in the wet market. Choose those smaller 1 which is nice and soft for dessert :) But this items seems to be seasonal so sometime you might not be about to find it. It cost around $2 - $2.50 a pack. HTH :)

  7. Ellena,

    Thank you for the information.



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