Sunday 22 February 2009

Bento #20 - Mickey Mouse

Tata..... Another weekend bento using my new Multi-purpose Mickey Mouse tools which I have bought recently. With the left over ham from making yesterday Bear Hamroll. I use a slice of it to make one of the mickey mouse side face and my dear son was thrill when he saw this Mickey Mouse Bento.

This set of Mickey Mouse design multi-purpose cutter come in a pair of two different mickey mouse design which enable you to cut out the head and face features. I also have another similar Pooh Design set which I used to make the Ham & Cheese Bear Sandwiches in another bento. Posted by Picasa

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  1. Aiyo my dear sister Ellena, your mickey is really cute lor... mine really kns leh! Wuhaha!

    Btw, how u did the kiwi like trees ah? Its sooo nice! Which cutter u used?

  2. No la..tona, your mickey mouse bento look great!!!! I love the colour of your mickey you do have great idea using chocolate cake for the face :)

    Oh.. i used the flower cutter to cut the kiwi slices, i cut somewhere b/w the green n the white part to get the tree top and the trunk :p

  3. Tks, u r always so kind and encouraging lor! :)

    Which flower cutter u use? Can share? U so clever!! What a great idea to use the white part and the green of the kiwi! Fabulous!! :)


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