Sunday 1 February 2009

Bento #10 - Simple Meal, Interesting Art

After so many days of heavy meals during Chinese New Year, I can't think of what to cook or eat for Sunday dinner. So after much struggling and thoughts, Reyon suggest that he wanted a sea creature themes on noodles. So I run through my bento accessories boxes in the pantry and come up with this....... "Seafood Noodles".

A simple Instant Noodle can be turn into an interesting meal if you put in some time and effort. It took me and Reyon about 30 minutes or less to come up with it. First, I use a small non-stick saucepan to cook the omelet and I fill it with water and start cooking the noodles while Reyon helps me to cut out the fishes from the omelet and ham. When the noodles is cooking, I cut out the Octopus and Crabs from mini hotdog. Next I removed the cooked noodles and place it on one side of the plate, then I blanched the broccoli using the same water for a while till half cooked, removed and arrange at one side to form as the water plants.

Next I throw in the cut ham, octopus and crab and cooked until done. Removed the arrange everything on the plate with the noodles then place some black sesame as the eyes of the sea creatures. If you don't have black sesame seeds you can replace it with cut seaweed sheet.Posted by Picasa

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  1.  so it so much, wanna to try one day


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