Tuesday 3 February 2009

Bento #11 - Jungle Parade

This is an interesting design as Reyon requested to have a Jungle Theme Bento Snack for School. So we came out with this ideas of making some Forest Animals, logs and Trees. Actually I still thought of adding some Toadstool Mushroom using Apples but then the size of the bento is quiet limited to arrange all these items in. But in the end I just slot in some tangerine slices to secure the bread from moving and stuffs some dried fruits for extra bites and colouring.

We made these Mini Trees Monster on top of some logs(the mini sausages) from quail eggs and parsley sprig. I cut a two thin slices out in the low portion to form the mouth of the monster. Maybe next time I should stick some seaweed strips to make the sharp teeth :) I stick black sesame seeds for the eyes and sprig of parsley as the branches. Reyon love these little Monster .........

The story of this Bento goes on like this from what Reyon recites the story. He said the story is about some Foxes and Tree Monsters eyeing on the forest animals and they are planning on how to eat the little animals. The tangerine slices act as rocks for them to hide. Posted by Picasa

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