Sunday 1 March 2009

Bento #21 - At The Beach

Today's Bento theme has being a long waiting one for my dear son. As most of the reader from my blog will have read about that my dear son loves to go picnic at the seaside. And I have also tried making a few of his meals on seaside theme before. But today's challenge will be a little difficult for me because he wants the real sight of the seaside atmosphere being present in his little bento box.

I have being scratching my head for ideas on how to make this seaside bento appear real..... so after much thought and some brainstorm chat with another bento mummy, Amy(from mothering corner website) I decided to give this bento a try. Last night, I have draft out the idea of the layout and what are the animals that I would want to include in it.

For the colour layers, I have used egg white with some blue food colouring and spinach juice to make scramble eggwhite represent the sky and ocean. As for the sand, I choose multi-grain bread and tear a zigzag layer to form the beach with some cheese stars(as starfish) and since I do not know how to make a seashell, I place a small seashell on the bread. My dear son was thrill when he saw this...........Posted by Picasa

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  1. Wow! Such a cute beach bento!! No wonder Rey was so happy & excited!!!

    Hey!! We really think alike cos I was thinking to use food colouring to add to egg white n fry lightly so I can get my own home-made lunch/bento sheet! :)

  2. Hey, I didn't know about this blog until I've found out from Jessica! You7re really talented mom, and I know, you'd tell me that your motivation is love. =))) It's evident in everything you've made!

    This bento is so beautifully done! I've never seen food blue before! =P

  3. Hi Tona and Startdust,

    Thanks for your kind comments..... Ya.. making food for my love one is the Motivation that I had in making these food.... It will made you feel so great when you see the smile and look at their face....... :)

  4. Wah! You even have a sketch!
    I must confess I never bother to sketch... all in my mind and they don't always turn out the way I imagined! hahahha

    I'm just so lazy! :P

  5. This is so pretty !! I had to colour my egg whites blue too, but haven't time to post the bento up yet.

  6. Wow.. allthingspurple, realli!!!! Then i have to go check your blog on and off for the blue egg white :)

  7. sigh..but yours is so vibrant. Mine is so pale and doesnt even look like the colour of the sky. Will post mine soon (hopefully clear the bento post backlog over school holiday)I use Wilton's icing colourants. Which colourants did u use?

    Ellena, I keep trying to get into your porridge recipe (to print so that I have it easily on the kitchen table on Saturday when I cook it) but I keep getting into the cod category of posts. I am wondering if it is my laptop or is it your template.

  8. Hi allthingspurple,

    Em.. No la. i am sure yours is just as good as the rest of your bento posts too.... :) Er... i used the Wilton's colour gel. It's concerated type de :)

    So sorry which porridge post u referring to huh? So far only got 2 porridge post i think, or you can try to click on kid's meal list to show all the kids meal. If u still can't find email me your email address i give u the printout copy :)

  9. the porridge recipe. its the one with the cod. I went to Treasure Box and clicked on March archive instead, cos I remember its one of your latest posts. Going to try your dong bao recipe after the porridge.

  10. Hi allthingspurple,

    Thanks for having confident in my recipes... :)

  11. I like to make bento a lot, it's always a good way to express love no matter to kids or beloved one or just to pamper myself, hehe. Nice work and very creative.

  12. Hi Chumpman,

    yup.. bento making is really a way to express our love to our loved one and it's also a piece of art... :)


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