Monday 16 March 2009

Upcoming Mystery Event

Dear Readers and Visitors of CUISINE PARADISE blogs, there will be a Mystery Event that will be review to you before end of MARCH 2009. Till then do come back and check it out at the Main Blog @ Cuisine Paradise to find out more on this exciting upcoming event........

Don't MISS out this opportunity to be able to participate on this Mystery Event........ So from now on, stay tune and get prepared for the party ......... :)


  1. Hi Ellena,

    I always visit your blog from time to time. It has been a while since my last visit as I was so occupied with house moving, need to settle down my new 'nest' haha... Well, I just want to congrate you. Congratulation again & well done for your great blog! You know, I always love to see your recipes, really hope I can cook them one day soon, but too bad I'm now staying with my mum-in-law and she doesn't allow others except herself to cook at 'her' kitchen, hopefully your blog will still here by the time I found a kitchen of myself :)

    That's all & all the best wishes for you & your boy boy.


  2. Wah Ellena, what so mystery about this event? Reveal a bit can? Can people from Aelaide participate or not? Hehe!

  3. Hi Eugene's Mummy,

    Thanks for dropping by, your compliements and your encouragements. I am so touch to have your support. I saw your blog too and you have a great journal for your kid too... Hope to see your very own recipe on post soon... :)

    Hi Quinn,
    Thanks for showing interest in this upcoming event :p.... you are most welcome to take part and indeed anyone from the world can take part as long as i am able to reach you thru mail....... :)

  4. Thanks fo visiting my blog Ellena...Your blog is awesome .lot to explore in your blog...will keep visiting

  5. Hi vrinda,

    Thanks for dropping by too... :)


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