Tuesday 26 July 2005

Orange Mousse Cup

Find this Orange Moose Cup recipe very interesting and easy to do so I just give it a try. If you are a citrus fans than this dessert is something that you have to try. But if you are not then you can replaced it with Mango or Strawberry Mousse. So next time when you are squeezing orange juice, remember to keep the orange case to try out this recipe.

4 Medium Size Orange
1 Egg
25g Caster Sugar
70ml Fresh Orange Juice
10ml Lemon Juice
1 Tablespoon Grated Orange Rinds
100ml Whipping Cream
5g Gelatin
1 Tablespoon Water

1. Cut the top of the orange off and scoop out the flesh and set aside the case.
2. You can reserve some of the orange juice for later use.
3. Mix gelatin with water and place it over a plate of warm water until it dissolves.

1. Beat egg and sugar until creamy white. Add orange juice, lemon juice and orange rinds and mix well.
2. Whip the whipping cream until soft peak then add it into step 1 mixture.
3. Pour gelatin mixture and mix well to become orange mousse.
4. Pour the mousse mixture into orange cup and refrigerate about 3 - 4 hours and serve.

If you are not an citrus fans, you can always replace it with Mango, Strawberry, Banana or etc... that you prefer. Posted by Picasa

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