Tuesday 7 February 2006

Creamy Red Bean Dessert

My mother-in-law loves to make this red bean "红豆沙" dessert during Chinese New Year and we always ask for second helping because of its smooth texture when compared to those serve in some of the Chinese restaurants. So when I saw a related recipe in one of the forum, I decided to give it a try since the steps are pretty easy to follow.

500g Red Beans(soaked overnight)
11 Cups Of Water, about 2200ml
1 Piece of Dried Tangerine Peel
1 Packet Of Fresh Lily Bulbs
1 Packet Of Fresh Ginkgo Nuts/Lotus Seeds
Rock Sugar to taste
Few Pieces Of Pandan Leaves

1. Wash and soaked the red bean in a pot overnight.
2. Soak dried tangerine peel till soft then scrape off the pith.
3. Boil red bean & tangerine peel with water till for about 15 minutes over medium heat then switch off and let it soaked until soft.
4. Wash the Ginkgo Nuts or Lotus Seeds then removed any pith inside then marinate it with 1 tablespoon of caster sugar and set aside in the fridge.
5. Drained the soft red bean, keep the water aside.
6. Put the beans into the blender and blend till very fine paste.
7. Sieve through a fine sieve into a pot, you need to stir them thru the sieve.
8. Slowly add some of the red bean water into the paste until the consistency that you prefer.
9. Add lotus seed/ginkgo nut, pandan leaves and rock sugar into the paste then simmer till sugar dissolved then add in the lily bulbs.

Notes: Cut the Lily bulbs into individual petals then soak it in water for a while, remove and pat dry. If you leave the cooked paste along for a few hours, it will thicken further. This is the time to use the reserved redbean water to dilute it to the right constitency.

For this this recipe, I added in Ginkgo Nuts and Fresh Lily Bulbs and it taste really good with the combination. Furthermore, the smooth and fine texture also makes it an excellent dessert for everyone in the family such as young toddle too.  Do give it a try if you are a fan of red bean as it is not as difficult to replicate it at home; all you need is just a blender and some sieving to be done.

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  1. Hi Ellena,

    Been a silent reader on your blog. Loved them. Tried this recipe today. My enthusiasm for this dessert starts to wane as I start doing the sieving. Doubt I'll do this ever again. I'm typing this as I'm having a break midway through the sieving, with trembling fingers.

    Hope my family will like it when I'm all done. ** sweating away **


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