Monday 19 March 2007

Sushi Chee Cheong Fun

This Sushi Chee Cheong Fun recipe had being sitting in my list to-make for a very long time. Then only till today I had the chance to grab hold the ingredients to make this light and health snack. But actually I also tried this snack in one of the Food Court vegetarian stall but the ingredients used was different from what mention below.

The main ingredients will be the Fresh Chee Cheong Fun which you can get hold from the supermarket or any bean sprout stall in the wet market. You can wrap it with any ingredients you prefer to suit your preference.Posted by Picasa

2 Fresh Chee Cheong Fun Roll
2 Nori Sheet(use for sushi)
1 Japanese Cucumber, cut into long strips
1 Medium Carrot, shredded into long strips
2 Hard Boiled Egg, mashed into crumbs
4 - 5 Tablespoons Of Pork Floss
Some Mayonnaise Cream

1) Slowly un-wrap the fresh chee cheong fun into a flat sheet.
2) Top it with a Nori Sheet then place the shredded carrot at the end towards you.
3) Add the cucumber strips, scatter the egg crumbs and pork floss evenly then drizzle with mayonnaise cream.(i use the Japanese style mayonnaise cream)
4) Slowly fold up the end that is towards you and hold on it firmly and roll it forward like making swiss roll.
5) Secure it tightly then cut it into serving size like sushi and serve with extra mayonnaise cream if prefer.

a) You can reheat the chee cheong fun by steaming it for a few minutes then un-wrap to use if you bought it a day before or you prefer to the sushi warm.
b) You can used any ingredients you prefer like: Shredded cooked chicken meat, tuna, prawn, crab meat or etc.


  1. This looks good! What a coincidence, this recipe has been sitting on my to-make list for ages too. Maybe about time I get down to it. :)

  2. Ya... You should give it a try too... it's really good and healthy stuff... :)

  3. looks nice and easy but i guess the rolling part must be difficult.

  4. Em.. Pamy, No la.. it's pretty easy if you know how to roll spring roll or swiss roll... give it a try loh.. u can wrap it with any ingredients.... :)


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