Wednesday 21 March 2007

Chocolate Mint Cake With Fudge Topping

The 1st time I saw this Chocolate Mint Cake was in Taste Goblet blogsite. I was capture by the wonderful jade green colour and chocolate swirl design. The original recipe was from Aunty Yochana's blogsite where you can find the recipe.

I made this cake in smaller muffin size version instead of the 8" cake tin size used in the original recipe because I found it easier to do the fudge topping and it's kid's friendly to. I just need to give one serving portion to whoever that want to eat without cutting it into slices.... :) Lazy way of serving........

Reyon really enjoys every of our baking session. He loves to help me whip and beat up those necessary ingredients or help up in the stirring part when i pour in the Cocoa Powder or Milk. Guess very soon I can sit and relax while waiting for him to whip me some nice cookies or cake....... :)

I can't find any decent looking strawberries around in the supermarket so I melt some white chocolate to decorate the Chocolate Fudge Topping. As for the mini muffin, I sprinkle some colourful stars for my little Darling Reyon. Posted by Picasa

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