Friday 13 April 2007

Ondeh Ondeh WIth Shredded Coconut Fillings

My mother had being asking me to teach her how to make this Local Noya Kueh called Ondeh Ondeh which is commonly Jade Green in colour. Usually the normal Ondeh Ondeh will be wrapped with Gula Melaka sugar but not for this version that we are making today.

For this, I had follow the recipe from Lily's blog(please click for recipe) which she used shredded coconut mixed with gula melaka for the fillings. It's taste much more fragrant and with the busting favour. For those who is interested in trying out this, you can refer to Lily's blog link. Posted by Picasa


  1. Hi ellena
    Just found yr blog. It is really good, friendly and helpful. My girl like yr 'bear shape mini muffin' very much, may i know where to get it? thanks


  2. Em... Hi Geni...

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Er... may i know which "Bear Shape" muffin u are referring to... :)

  3. Hi ellena

    Oh! sorry! left out the word "tray'. It is captured in yr 'baking utensils' page. regards


  4. Oh Geni... I got in from one of the bakery ingredients shop but i saw it in OG or Metro b4... it's in those baking utensils dept. HTH

  5. Hi ellena

    Thanks so much!


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