Sunday 29 July 2007

New Flavour Macarons

So fast another week had past, hope that I had not being putting you "reader" OFF with all these macaron posts that I had wrote. This week we had another 2 new taste from Cuisine Paradise Kitchen and I must thank Evan from Bossacafez for tying out this new idea first :)

After seeing her Poppy Seed Macarons I must said, I really fell for it. Because like what she and I agreed with, poppy seeds can also be used in other area rather than the usual Cakes and Muffins. And we do proof that, it actually fix well in this macaron and the texture was wonderful. It's so addictive that you will not want to lay your hand off it, because when you munch in your mouth those poppy seeds seems to be jumping around in your tongue. For my case, I used Orange Butter Cream together with some extra dose of poppy seeds to make the overall texture more "poppy".

Next, I also try out another flavour on Green-Tea with Red Bean Butter Cream. At first I was still wondering what will be the taste like to mix butter cream with red bean paste. But finally when the product is out, the taste is just great. The fragrant of the red bean butter cream just blanace well with the green tea shell.

As you can see, the red bean paste that I am using are not those very fine type that used for Asian dessert and kueh. I used the Japanese Red Bean paste which come in the can from those supermarket. And I find this taste great as you can see munch some of the whole soft beans in the cream. This do provide some extra texture to the cream itself.Posted by Picasa


  1. i think your macarons look better than mine!! the poppy seed ones are nice, tho' the seeds itself is pretty much tasteless. i actually grind my own red beans after boiling them, but looks like to avoid the hassle i shd go get some supermarket variety. do u think daiso has the japanese one?

  2. wow! so yummy yummy!


  3. hi ellena, are you able to share your butter cream recipe or fillings for your macarons. they look great!


  4. Hi, do u replace the nuts totally with poppy seeds? if that's the case, then it's really alot of poppy seeds! LOL.

  5. hi ellena , i really loves yr new macaroon flavour. I'm still having problem with my macaroon.

    My macaroons are very hard but i'm sure i did not overbake it 160degress for 12 min.

    How are the texture of yr macs after 1-3 days? Still nice and soft.

  6. hi ellena,The problem that i encounter allthe times is that the top part are always goes wrinkle and almost about to tear from the sides and it spread vey quickly into a flat round.
    Is it because it too wet and i over mix? Should i reduce the egg white?
    thank u

  7. Hi evan, I am using those ready cooked japaness red bean in can which i think taste better than those usual red bean paste that we buy for the local kueh and dessert. :) U might wan to get it a try. :p

  8. Hi Jo and Lynn, thanks for dropping by. :) em... Lynn i am sorry as this recipe is given to me by a friend who is selling macaron so i won't be able to share with you the recipe but you can actually find similar recipe from the site itself. If you can't find, maybe u can email me and leave me your email add so that i can forward you the link. :) HTH

    Hi baking fiend,
    Nope i did not replace the nut with total poppy seeds but then i just add a couple of teaspoons of poppy seeds to the normal batter itself. :)

  9. Halo Sue,

    Thanks for your comments J Em… I am not sure why are you still having that problem. If your macaron are hard I guess the only reason is over baked if all the ingredients are followed as it is from the recipe that you had. As for my macaron even if I leave it in fridge for 3 – 4 days they are still nice and soft and the top is still crunch when bite.

    From what I know, if the top shell is wrinkle or tear it might due to the air bubbles traps in the batter when pipped so you had to actually bang it on the counter top a few times as to make sure you had remove those air pocket. Cos sometime I do have this problem on a few of the macarons.

    One main important question, before you bake your macaron did u actually touch the surface of the shell is it FULLY DRY when touch. If it’s still sticky then u won’t have a fine round and the batter will tends to spread and flatten. HTH

  10. Hello from Sydney, Australia. I love your patience that you have had on the macaron making journey. I must have done at least 30 trials and had mostly failures. Sigh!! May I ask you a couple of questions, if you don't mind??

    1- does you use equal parts of almond meal and icing sugar??

    2- are you still using the non-italian meringue method?

    3. is there anyway of reducing the sweetness without losing the quality?

    4. do you still add icing sugar to buttercream?

    Thank you so much, and much regards from the beautiful Sydney harbour

  11. Hi Maggie,

    Thanks for dropping by and all your kind comments :) Em… I can said macaron is actually a very tricky goodies to be bake. And every single ingredients do have a possibility of causing it to be a failure.(I meant for my experience on making it)

    A1. Em.. from the recipe that I had I don’t use equal amount of almond and icing sugar.

    A2. Yup….. I don’t used Itialian Meringue method.

    A3. I had tried to reduce to sugar content in the recipes but then it will actually affect the end products as in feetless or crack.(from my recipe)

    A4. Nope.. I don’t add icing sugar to buttercream.

    Hope these information is of some help to you. If u have any other queries do feel free to email me.



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