Saturday 7 July 2007

Pistachio Macarons With Assorted Cream

I guess I am really into French Macarons Craze..... Whenever I saw new macarons flavour from those blogger's site I will be very tempted to try it out. It is just like little kids having fun with the jigsaw puzzle. We can mix and match different kinds of macaron shells with different assorted flavour of butter cream which is very challenging and fulfilment when you do get a good result out of it.

Like those blogger who tried Pistachio Mcarons, we had to grind our own pistachio in order to have it as one of the main ingredients. And very surprisingly, ground pistachio do give a very nice colour and fragrant when making into macarons. This round I made a batch of about 15 Pistachio Macarons to pair with 3 assorted Italian Butter Cream which are: Coffee Butter Cream(reyon's flavour), Lemon Butter Cream and most stunning one which is the Pistachio Butter Cream. Out of the 3, I guess Pistachio Butter Cream goes very well with the Pistachio Shell because of it nutty flavour and crunchy bits.Posted by Picasa


  1. Hi, read your success stories and may I ask whether you are able to share the recipe. I don't belong to any forum at this point. Thank you. Isabelle

  2. Hi Isabelle,

    Thanks for dropping by. You can find the link of the recipes on the "My Without Feet Macarons" post. HTH. But u must remember to dry the shell completely when touch b4 baking. :)

  3. ellena can i ask how you get them so glossy? mine seem to be very "matt"

  4. Hi Kimmarie, Em.. I am not sure which recipe you are using or if u don't mind can email me and roughly exchange yr recipe ingredients so that we can see what's the different :)

  5. Hi ellena,

    For your pistachio buttercream, did you use ground pistachios or pistachio paste? I've made it with ground pistachios before, but the thing is, I bought a bottle of pistachio paste last year and I feel I should use it; the problem is, I don't know how I should alter the proportions of the butter cream ingredients to compensate for the additional oil from the paste. I hope you could help me solve this problem!

  6. Hi Jo,

    Since I can't realli find Pistachio Paste in Singapore. I used ground pistachio + Butter Cream together to make the sandwich filling :)

    Em.. for your question like how to incoporate the pistachio paste that you have into the cream, i am not realli sure cos i had never used that b4. Maybe you can try to add a few teaspoons of the paste into the cream and whisk then taste and see how it is? HTH

  7. Hi Ellena,

    I really wana try my hands on macaroons! i 've been seeing them on most bloggers' site oredy. And they look really nice...(Yours too!) Care to share your recipe with me. My email is Tanks a lot!! Genny.


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