Saturday 21 July 2007

Rose & Lavender Macarons

A special gift for a special friend. Tomorrow is one of my best friend Christina's Wedding Day. So I thought of making something "In" and different for her as a small gift. After going through a long search of my recipe lists, I still settle to make macarons but I designed something romantic for her.

I come up with these Rose & Lavender Macarons in Heart Shapes version. In this special day of her, I hope to send her my best and warmest regards and hope that you will be the most Prettiest and Happiest Bride.

I made the Rose Scented Butter Cream with grinded dried rose petals to make the cream more fragrant and with it's natural nice pinky colour. While for the lavender shell, I made the Lemon Butter Cream with some grinded Lavenders to enhance the lemon flavour. And these two flavour really infused my whole kitchen will wonderful aroma.

I had never thought that these two lovely flowers really make a great pair when making macarons with them. They have wonderful colours and fragrant that makes you want more of these additives goodies once you sank your teeth in them.

But as for my Lavender Macaron, I think that the colour is not good enough as I can't actually achieve the voilet colour that I want after baking. It turns out to be slightly towards the greyish side. Hope next round if I had a chance to try this again, I can achieve a better colour for it.

Overall I still loves the rose macarons, maybe it's because of it's colour, texture and shapes. I love the Heart Shapes one as I find it very adorable and too wasted to be eaten. I guess these can make a great Gift for Anniversary or Valentine Day Gifts too... :)


  1. yummy yum! can i just just ONE please? :p

  2. Thank Evan...

    Em.. this time round i never made alot so share wif you... next time, next time if i made again sure give u some... :)

    By the way, i love your lavender le.. the colour is so nice... not like mine :(

  3. Hi Ellena

    I have drop you a mail in your account, can you please reply?

    Need your help!


  4. hi ellena can u pleas tell me how to make lavender u grind up the lavender and replace it with some of the almond? and how do u make HEART SHAPED macs?? thanksso much!!

  5. Hi Pris,

    Thanks for dropping by. I did my lavender macaron by using a basic macaron recipe and add in about 1 teaspoon or more of grind dried lavender(depend how strong u wan the taste to be). Then i made the lemon butter cream with lemon and extra grind lavender to enhace the flavour.

    I pipe the heartshape in free hand..hehe...

  6. Thanks ellena. you are so kind to share your tips. god bless.

    ps: do you use a coffee grinder?

  7. Hi Pris,

    Em.. i just used normal food grind to grind the lavender... :)

  8. absolutely lovely rose macaroon. Are u still using the same recipe for all yr macaroon? Did u change or reduced any ingredients or sugar.There are quite a few link for the macs recipe on yr blog,which one are u actually using for yr macs?

    Ellena,do u have any more extra tips when baking the macs such as how do u know when the batter is mix enough and when to stop mixing.My macs is still a failure after so many times...

    thank you

  9. wow!!!! lavender and rose macarons! totally blew me away! well done. The heart shape one can sell on Vday le~ Must patent it! ;p

  10. hi ellena, did u grind the rose petal and add to the macs batter. How much should be added?

    thank u

  11. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for dropping by. Yup.. all the way I am using the same macaron recipe that I success with.  Em… nope… I didn’t make any changes to the main ingredients except adding the dried flower petals into it for these rose and lavender macarons. Er… I guess in my blog I only link to one blog which as at Tamami's blog. But then the one that I am using is sort of like that cos I mix and match to steps that suits me.

    Tips huh… er…. Usually I try to whisk the egg white to soft peak then add in the sugar and continue to whisk at medium speed for about 5 mins or less, when u remove the whisk u can see the white is stiff and still leave some trail. Then u slowly add in the sifted dried ingredients in about 3 or 4 batches. But the main issue is you have to leave your shell completely DRY before baking. HTH

    Yup.. I grind the dried rose petal to very fine stage and add around ½ tablespoon. It depend how u find the colour or texture, you can add more or else depend on your preference. 

    By the ways do u have any blog of your own to share with me :)

  12. Thanks Mandy, u did a great job on that Lychee Cheesecake too... You had decorate it until so gorgeous! Keep It Up!

  13. hi ellena, thank you so much for sharing all yr tips and info. With this recipe do you find the taste too sweet or just right.

    Ellena , i dont hv a blog yet and i do think it takes lots of courage for anyone to come up with a blog. Therefore i respect u and other blogers for doing such a fine job.
    I really hope that one day will come for me to hv my own blog and u wil be the first to know kay!

  14. Hi Sue,

    From my view i guess no matter which recipes you used, macarons are bound to be a sweet stuff so in order to tone down the sweetness, the best way is to do something to the cream, like you can make dark choc ganache, lemon butter cream and peaunut or etc.. just to tone down the flavour. So far i find the rose scented 1 veri nice, cos of it's fragrant. :)


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