Tuesday, 20 November 2007

My Little Donut Venture

It had being about 4 months since I started selling my Mini Baked Donuts Venture. From the starting of 10 over flavours till now the range had expand to almost 30 different flavours. It had always being my dream to set up a cafe selling all kind of bakes from my kitchen. I love to come out of new ideas and bakes which will brighten up my day as well as those who consumed.

These are the recent batch of donuts which I made for Angelia's son Birthday Party and I am glad that they all loves those flavour. She ordered mostly "Strawberry Delight" which is her son's favourite.

Churned up about 150 overs Assorted Donuts for a Farewell gift order. It's really fun and excited to make all these goodies for the thought of someone. I always thank GOD for giving me his blessing on my Culinary Skills so that I can whip up more and more new ideas.

This is the Christmas Chocolate Mint Donut which I came up with during my recent order. Those who tried comment that the mint flavour is just nice and it taste great with the extra Mint Chocolate topping.

Here comes another new flavour of my favourite choice, which is the Lemon Poppy Donuts with Lemon Chocolate. This really taste great and appetising due to the Tangy taste.


  1. Wow, these donuts are lovely!! and you managed to come up with so many flavours! All the best to your baking venture :)
    Jia You, Ellena!

  2. I really admire u for your creativity. I really hope u can fulfil your dream to set up a cafe. Jia you! :)

  3. Thanks Happy Homebaker and Small Baker.... thanks for your kind words and supports!!!! :) Hope to see more bakes from u two as well.... :)

    Happy Homebaker, i love all your bread and chiffon recipes.


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