Friday, 9 November 2007

Strawberry Vs Pumpkin Cupcakes

Made these mini fruits, nuts and vegetables cupcakes for my new colleagues and family. I had always wanted to try my bakes using fresh fruits and vegetables. So for these cupcakes I had used pumpkin, pistachio nut, strawberry and promangrante.

This is the Strawberry & Pistachio Cupcake that is topped with Rose Scented Cream Cheese and arranged with fresh Strawberry and Promangrante Seeds to enhance it's colour and taste.

Freshly chopped strawberry cubes, pistachio nuts and strawberry milk are added to the batter to enhance the texture and taste of the cake.

This is the inner cut out of the cupcake where you can see the added of fresh strawberry and nuts. It's great to serve this with English Tea for either Morning or Afternoon Tea-break.Posted by Picasa

These are my special Pumpkin & Chocolate Cupcake that are topped with Pumpkin Puree Cream Cheese and arranged with extra roasted Pumpkin Seeds.

Freshly grated Australia Pumpkin, with added chopped pistachio nuts and spices to the batter to enhance the texture and fragrance of the cake.

This is the inner cut out of the cupcake where you can see the shredded pumpkins and chopped pistachio nuts. For your surprised, I had added a cube of 70% Dark Chocolate at for each cupcakes to enhance the texture of the cake even more.Posted by Picasa


  1. looks yummy sister! glad to see u baking again =)

  2. Yoz... Evan,

    Thanks for your compliment :)


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