Monday 22 March 2010

Beetroot & Sweet Corn Soup

I have very limited encounter with "Beetroot" as I only ate it as one of the ingredients found in some sandwiches. Although I have heard/saw a lot of interesting recipes using "Beetroot" as one of their ingredients, I have never thought of using it till today. And to my surprised this can really blend well into our Asian soup too.....

Beetroot can consider to be a very versatile ingredient that can be in many area of cooking. For eg:- in salad, sandwiches, bakes, cakes, dessert and even soup. Sometime it can also be use as a dye to replace artificial colouring. So today's soup of the day, we will try this together with corn and carrot which will add in extra sweetness to the soup.

Ingredients:- (serves 4)
500g Pork Ribs
2 Medium Size Beetroots
1 Sweet Corn, cut into section
1 Medium Carrot, cut into 1" slices
6-8 Red Dates
1/2 Tablespoon Wolfberries, optional
1.5 Liter of Boiling Water

1. Rinse, clean and place the pork ribs in boiling water for about 3 minutes, remove and rinse well. Set aside for later use.
2. Rinse the beetroot, peel of the outer skin with a vegetable peeler. Cut it into big cubes or wedges.
3. Remove the husk and leaves of the corn, rinse and cut it into 3 sections.
4. Bring 1.5 Litre of water to boil in a medium soup pot, add in all the above ingredients except wolfberries.
5. When the mixture comes to boil again, lower the heat and simmer for about 45 minutes or alternatively you can transfer the soup to a slow cooker and cook it on AUTO for about 2.5 hours or so. (add in wolfberries 15 minutes before cooking time)

This soup is so sweet and full of flavour that it don't even require any extra seasoning. The sweetness comes naturally from all the ingredients used and the colour of the soup look so gorgeous. From the glance of it, it looks just like any red wine/red currant juice. Em... but just a little sharing, although the soup might give a little "Rooty" flavour but this is indeed a very nutritious soup for kids. We ate all the ingredients except the "beetroot" because it has a very odd taste which my boy feedback that it taste like "roots/wood" :p Posted by Picasa


  1. I love to make this soup too, it's very nutritious and yummy.

  2. Haha Ellena, it's quite hard to get kids to like beetroots. Even I myself don't quite like it! But the colour is good for baking :)

  3. Noobcook: Yup! We loved it too :p

    Quinn: Yes! I agreed so if they don't eat this vegetable the best way is to make them drink the soup :)

  4. Just bought beetroot last week and going to make soup tomorrow!

  5. Ellena,
    I buy beetroot for juicing. Mix with pineapple, carrot & celery - there's no rooty smell.

  6. ya i drink beetroot twicea week with a greenapple 2 med carrots and squeeze in lemon juice ...after jus 3 months, me and my family got a certain beautiful glow on our face and its really gd to drink

  7. Delia and Anonymous:- Wow...realli can juice it and drink? Does it taste odd with that rooty smell/taste? Mb i shld go get 1 and try it out too :) Thanks for sharing.... :)

  8. HI Ellena,

    Tried cooking this soup and very very nice. My huddy and boy love it. My boy will ask me(What is color?) when he saw the soup, hahaha... I used pearl sweet corn(those sell per stick, around $1.60~$2 each), more sweet than those packed in supermarket.

  9. Angeline: I love that pearl corn too...esp those that i tried in Cameron Highland..even sweeter :p

  10. Thanks for this recipe! All my family love it.;-)


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