Friday 2 April 2010

Steam Chicken Fillet With Huai Shan

Are you interested to try something simple, light and healthy but at the same time with those kind restaurant serving presentation to impress your family this weekend. If your answer is "Yes" then why not, try out this quick and simple one dish meal with Fresh Huai Shan, Chicken Fillet and Mushroom to conquer their taste buds.

For most of the frequent readers here, you will know that I love to use "Fresh Huai Shan" in my cooking especially - soup. Huai Shan benefits the spleen and stomach as well as strengthens the body.

There are a few types of Huai Shan various from Fresh to Dried type. In most supermarkets or wet market, you will find two type of fresh huai shan from either China or Japan. Japan Huai Shan will be much more expensive ranging from S$8.00 - S$10.00 per kilogram. Some people might find it difficult to handle fresh huai shan as it's kind of slippy and the gluey starch might make your hand itchy. Perhaps you can wear a disposal gloves or plastic bag before handling it.

This is a very nutritious and healthy watching dish that use fresh huai shan from Japan, lean chicken fillet and dried mushroom. The fresh huai shan slices and dried mushroom are pre-steam using chicken stock in order for them to absorb the flavour from the stock.

Ingredients: (Serves 2)
200g Chicken Fillet
100g Fresh Huai Shan(鲜淮山)
5 Small Dried Mushrooms
5g Wolfberries
80 - 100ml Chicken Stock

1 Teaspoon Light Soy Sauce
1/2 Teaspoon Ginger Juice
1/2 Teaspoon Cornflour
Dash of Sesame Oil

1. Remove the stalks from the dried mushrooms then soak them in hot water till soften.
2. Peel of the outer skin of the fresh huai shan, rinse then cut it into 0.5cm thick circle slices.
3. Place the fresh huai shan, soaked mushrooms and chicken stock in a deep plate, steam them for about 10 minutes.
4. Meanwhile, rinse and slice chicken fillet into strips then mix it with marinade.
5. When the huai shan mixture is done, lower the heat, slowly arrange the marinated chicken fillet on top of the huai shan with the wolfberries on top.
6. Steam the mixture for about 8 minutes or till done on medium high heat.
7. Serve hot on the plate itself or re-arrange it on individual serving plates.

After steaming, the fresh huai shan taste wonderfully soft and full of flavour due to the chicken stock, mushroom and fillet. This dish goes very well with either steam rice or porridge especially it's gravy which is so tasty and sweet. Posted by Picasa


  1. The presentation is indeed lovely with the wolfberries and spring onions. Never thought of steaming chicken with huai shan, great idea!

  2. I am making Chicken and Huai Shan soup tomorrow :)

  3. I like the presentation of the dish. It made it more appetizing.

  4. Hi noobcook, tigerfish and baby cribs, this is indeed a very lovely dish in either presentation or taste. Do give it a try if you have the ingredients available in yr kitchen pantry. :)

  5. Hi Ellena,

    Tried to make this soup today. I used minced chicken instead of fillet. Must say it's very tasty and healthy, my family likes it. Also very easy to cook. Thanks alot for the recipe :)

  6. Hi Rose,

    Glad that you like it :) Minced chicken is a great idea too, thanks for sharing yr tips :)

  7. Hi can i cook this dish for a friend as confinement food, just that i might add in ginger n rice wine? Is huai shan too liang?


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