Saturday 4 December 2010

Yami Yogurt Vs Yogurt Place

Basically Yogurt is good for digestion due to the presence of those live cultures and it also helps to maintain good skin and bone because of its rich source of calcium and protein. Yami Yogurt has about 11 outlets around Singapore that offers a wide range of yogurt in assorted flavours at affordable prices. Besides its nutritional value I also like the smooth and silky texture of their yogurt which you could eat it plain or pair with your desire toppings.

I didn't know that eating Yogurt can reduce bad breath until I read up a article about this “Yami Yogurt” that helps reduce Bad Breathe Hydrogen sulfide compounds which bad breath. It also suggest that by consuming a cup of Yami Yogurt every day it can actually lower the bad breath triggering sulphide compounds and as well get rid of the tongue coating bacteria. No wonder there is always long queue around the counter but friendly speaking I do love the taste of their yogurt especially with those mixed fruit and nuts toppings.

The Yogurt Place” is another yogurt paradise that offers freshly made Greek Yogurt with wide selection of choices from frozen yogurt, smoothies, drinks and waffles (menu HERE) using their unique freshly made Greek yogurt. Compare to Yami Yogurt, Yogurt Place would have more varieties of items on their menu for patrons to select.

I tried this "Mango Yogurt with Mixed Fruit Cereal" toppings at one of their outlet at Toa Payoh HDB Hub.Taste wise was quite ok but  the texture was kind of grainy and not those firming type.  So for me I still prefer the yogurt from "Yami Yogurt" compared to this.

Do you have any special favourite yogurt whereabouts to share with us? If yes, I would like to hear about your view too.

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