Saturday 12 February 2011

[Valentine's Day Special] Fish & Co. XoXo Platter For 2

Countdown to another 2 more days before Valentine's Day on Monday, 14 February 2011. Have you decide on what to eat and where to make your reservation on this Special Day? If budget is your concern, why not consider this Fish and Co. XoXo platter for 2.

What's more, for this Valentin's Day Special set it comes with 2 exotic drinks, 2 seafood chowders, a platter for 2, and a hot fudge chocolate cake for sharing that cost LESS than S$50.00 after all the GST and service charges. And this special bargain is available at all Fish and Co. outlets starting from 11 February till 14 February 2011.

1st 100 couples whom order the xoxo set meal on Valentine’s Day will also get to receive a “Spin the Bottle” raunchy fun game and a limited edition Fish and Co. pouch for FREE. *While stocks last.

For a start let indulge ourself with a glass of  "Tropical Punch" which is flavour with exotic passion fruit fragrant and sweet sensation taste. You can also adjust the sweetness of this drink by slowly stirring to mix the syrup at the bottom  together with the sparkling water to suit your taste.

As usual for starter, their signature hot and steamy "Seafood Chowders" is served less than 5 minutes after our order. But today the soup seems a bit diluted and I cannot seems to find my favourite "chowders".

For Kid's meal, my boy order his favourite "Fish Tale" that comes with a choice of soft drink and you can choose either to have rice or chips as side too. For S$6.00, this can be a huge portion for younger or small appetite kids.

Most of their serving staffs are very cheerful and friendly towards each and every customers. Some of the staffs even try to keep an eyes on the food serve after each interval in order to make sure there is enough space to cater the food and it is not sitting on the table for too long before it gets cold.

A minute or two after they clear my empty soup bowl, our XoXo platter arrives with generous array of seafood such as two big pieces of Crispy Salmon, 6 Grilled Peri Peri Prawn, Fried Calamari, Blue Mussels served on bed of paella rice and fresh yummy coleslaw.
Price: S$39.95 (includes 2 drinks, 2 soups, 1 platter set and 1 dessert)

The peri peri sauce for the "Char-grilled Prawns" seems a bit different from the one I had at their flagship outlet at Glass House(read more HERE). This one seems to be a bit salty but overall it still taste fine with that hint of char-grilled aroma from the fresh prawns.

  As you have notice Salmon is always one of our favourite seafood dish at home and this "Crispy Salmon" taste great with it's spicy mango vinaigrette dressing which makes it look and taste sort of like those deep-fried fish which served with Thai sweet sauce.

Although from the initial look you might have the impression that the fish could be tough and dry due to deep-frying process but when you take a bite you will be delighted with it's soft and juicy texture.

Thanks God their "Fried Calamari" serves in this set is not those chewy rubber band texture which sometime might happen in certain outlets. The one we had this afternoon was great with extra points given to its' crispy and fragrant batter.

Out of all the items on the platter, these "Blue Mussels in Tomato and Pesto Sauce" are the least favour towards our liking. We find the sauce taste rather cold and sourish and the mussels was a bit over cooked which makes it tough to bite.

Here is part of my share which is taken from the XoXo Platter Set. Eating in small portions like this makes me less guilty on feasting such a huge portion of seafood platter.

After waited about 10 minutes I decided to check with the serving staff for the whereabouts of our excited dessert. And to our surprised he has actually forgotten about it.........

For your information every set of the Valentine's Day XoXo Platter comes with a plate of "Sexy Fudgy Chocolate Cake" as dessert for sharing.

As you can see from the above photo on our desier for it which makes this our most favourite dessert to order whenever we visit Fish and Co. The warm, moist and rich chocolate cake blends well with the cold and creamy vanilla ice cream which makes this a heavenly match dessert for any age.

Lastly I would like to thanks Hazel from Thox Pte Ltd and Fish and Co for their dinning vouchers on this Valentine's Special XoXo Platter. I wish each and everyone of you "Happy Valentine's Day", may you and your loves one have a wonderful and memorable time on this special day.

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AMK Hub, #02-03
Singapore 569933
Telephone: 6555 6298 

Fax: 6555 6098

Operating Hours:
11.30am - 10:00pm Daily

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