Wednesday 16 February 2011

CNY Dinner At 3rd Uncle House

Chinese Lunar New Year is coming to an end follow by the celebration of "Yuan Xiao Jie(元宵节)" or "Chap Goh Mei(十五暝)" on tomorrow which is the 15th day of the Chinese New Year festivities. And often during this long festive season most of us will indulge ourselves with all those feast and goodies from house to house visits, company or gathering functions.

As my mum comes from a big family with 7 siblings, every year during Chinese New Year(CNY) there are always a lot of family gathering from 1st uncle house all the way to the 7th uncle. And each of the household will prepare their very own signature dishes to cater for almost 30 people during different days of the house visit. Although now our beloved 3rd uncle is no long around, Aunt Lai Choo(3rd uncle's wife) still practice the custom of inviting everyone to her house during CNY where she will prepared a lot of delicious home cooked food for us.

This big plate of Hotdog, Sotong Ball and Nuggets are specially prepared for the kids and most importantly these are not deep-fried as they are grilled using the oven toaster. (healthy)

For starter, we have this "Marinated Jellyfish(海蜇) with Century Eggs" where aunty Lai Choo prepares and marinated the jellyfish using her very own recipe. Upon serving everyone agrees that this is a very appetising dish and it is gone in less than 20 minutes even before the rest arrives.

It has being a long long time since I last had this "Fish Maw Soup(鱼鳔汤)". I remember my late dad used to cook this similar soup with ingredients such as Chinese cabbage, minced meatballs, and fish maw. But still the most unforgettable taste of this soup is from my great-grandmother where she cooks really yummy fish maw soups that makes you go for even 3rd bowl in a row.

Mixed Vegetables Curry with Longtong Rice.

"Teochew Style Steamed Chicken with Garlic Cloves and Ginger" is something different from the usual Hainanese Style where they cooked the chicken in boiling water then dipped it in ice water to produce a jelly-like skin finishing. Although steamed chicken won't be as tender as Hainanese style but it definitely taste much fragrant and sweeter as steaming method often locks the flavour of the ingredients.

I love this simple and yet delicious "Stir-fry Prawn and Squid with Tomato Sauce". Aunty Lai Choo is still very thoughtful that she actually removed off all the prawn shells leaving just the tail portion.

Lastly despite of those delicious homecooked dishes above, there are also some Agar Agar and Cheng Teng that are available for after meal desserts. So from what I always think, home cooked food is always the best food that unite everyone in the family together and nothing weighs as valuable as all family members  get together and enjoy the heart warming atmosphere of "family time".

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  1. waw...what a feast...aiyo have i missed capgomeh? i am such a bad chinese person...


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