Monday 4 July 2011

The Mushroom Swiss from BURGER KING

To celebrate the success of BK Mushroom Swiss Burgers BURGER KING® as well as reminding everyone that this signature product of BK has grown to become one of Singapore’s favourite burger! Burger King is giving away a FREE BK Sundae (choice of caramel, chocolate or strawberry) with any purchase of a BK Doubles Mushroom Swiss Beef Burger large meal @ S$7.75* or Mushroom Swiss Tendergrill Chicken Burger large meal @ S$8.25*. With The King You Can, enjoy it from this July till 3rd August 2011.
*pricing varies at selected outlets

Indulgent flavour and quality comes together in mouthfuls of BK Doubles Mushroom Swiss Beef Burger which nestled between a soft sesame-sprinkled bun with two juicy, 100% flame-grilled beef patties that blanketed in two slices of melted Swiss cheese and doused with their signature velvety-smooth mushroom sauce. But if this is too filling for ladies, perhaps you could go for their BK Singles Mushroom Swiss Beef Burger which delivers the same great flavour in a single-patty form.

Personally I would prefer Mushroom Swiss Tendergrill Chicken Burger which is cradled on a soft corn-dusted bun with succulent and tender 100% flame-grilled premium chicken thigh meat patty enveloped in melted Swiss cheese together with the all-time favourite silky mushroom sauce from BK, fresh lettuce and a generous spread of creamy mayonnaise. I am sure you won't be able to resists this temptation just like me.

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