Monday 23 April 2012

Honey Lemonade From Happy Sheep Honey

Most of us understand that Honey contains antioxidants(essential for protecting against free radicals) which can be helpful to boosting immunity and as well it has been used since ancient times to treat certain allergies. For your information, honey contains traces of Vitamins B and C as well as minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium and etc. It is also a source of natural unrefined sugars and carbohydrates, which are easily absorbed by the body and therefore provide an instant energy boost with long-lasting effects.

Recently I received these two products from Happy Sheep Honey to try out and my family and I really love it's taste and flavour compared to the usual one that we always purchased. According to their website, Happy Sheep Honey is from the remote native forests of the West Coast region in the South Island of New Zealand. And their unpasteurised honey this minimally processed to preserve the inherent natural flavours and live enzymes makes it popular to be consume within health food circles.

Happy Sheep Honey includes a selection of four unpasteurised honeys such as:- West Coast Honey, Active Manuka 12+ Honey, Lemon And West Coast Honey and Strawberry West Coast Honey. You can easily purchase these honey at local supermarkets such as NTUC Fairprice or Cold Storage; prices range between S$10.35 - S$39.90 depending on the product.


As recommended, a daily dose of honey whether to be served as sweetener in hot/cold beverages, or spread on toast or cake will help to boost the body's supply of antioxidants. So let's start the day by having a cup of this Honey Lemonade before breakfast to flush out our system and give it a boost with this cleansing brew. And instead of quenching thirst with a soda on a hot day, perhaps you can turn this into an Icy Lemonade for a healthier beverage and support "Food Revolution Day in Singapore" which begins in 19 May 2012.(read more HERE)

(Serves: 2            |        Preparation: 5 minutes )

500ml Lukewarm Drinking Water
2 - 3 Tablespoons Lemon West Coast Honey
A Few Slices of Lemon, optional

1. Stir in Lemon West Coat Honey into water and mix well.

2. Pour honey mixture into prepared cup/mug together with a slice of two of fresh lemon to enhance the taste and flavour.


~ For icy cool lemonade, you use ice water instead of normal drinking water or add some ice cubes into the final mixture before serving.


(using Lemon And West Coast Honey from Happy Sheep Honey)

Other than using honey in making beverage, I would be sharing another recipe using honey to make the above Rosemary Honey Chicken Drummlet(baked version) in the upcoming post. So do stay tune if you like the combination of honey and rosemary herbs!


  1. the drink look so refreshing and the chicken looks so glossy and yummy!! (:

    1. Thanks for your kind words Sweetylicious. Hope you are doing well lately :)

  2. I could drink a cup of that now!

  3. I've been having really terrible cough and I'm using so much honey. This one sounds like a good one! The rosemary honey chicken sounds fantastic too! You are really good at making nice glaze on chicken... ;-)

    1. Thanks Nami. I still have a lot to learn from you too. Your quick and easy Japanese dishes are my next cooking project :)

  4. my husband drink honey lemonade every night. As you mentioned we should use lukewarm water, not hot water, because as i know it can ruin the honey benefit.

    Thanks for you lovely recipe, i love your blog.


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